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Business Card Advertisement Report Abuse Area:

Please used this form only if you are SURE the advertiser which subscribe on our One Business Card Advertisement Plan have been break up our rules and regulation. All the playing, cheating, and fraudulent report will not be entertain and reply and forward to our advertiser. And will immediately delete from our mail box. Any issue is not a violation of the terms of services etc, you will receive the information on why we cannot assist you.

Please fill out all the fields on this form, and please explain and described clearly how the advertiser is being violation on used of any copyright from your own, we will being investigated to determine what action, if any, can be taken on the issue is likely to be a violation of the term of services etc on suspected.

If we believe that your submitting report which does not contain any violations, we will closed your inquiry without response.

Please be aware that all reports must be submitted by an individual who is directly affected by the content being reported, or someone legally authorized to act on their behalf.

All your sending information will be forward and notify to the advertiser if we believe and expected the sending complaint is being on violation.