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'From Adventure Activity Standards''

Equipment requirements for bushwalking are subjective and will vary with the objectives
of the trip, experience of the participants (and leader), and the expected environmental
conditions. As such, it is essential that equipment and clothing requirements be
considered in a way that can account for foreseeable eventualities.

Leaders should be satisfied that all participants set out with suitable equipment, food and
clothing for the planned trip. It is recommended that this be achieved by reference to a
tailored checklist, which should be provided to participants in advance. The checklist
should include (as a minimum) the contents of section 1, 2 and 3 below, which are
provided as examples.

Adjustments to the clothing and equipment should be made for:
  • walking in hot dry conditions
  • walking in tropical conditions
  • walking in winter conditions
  • extended trips.

(The Bushwalking and Ski Touring Leadership Handbook of the Bushwalking and
Mountain-craft Training Advisory Board contains a thorough list of essential and optional
equipment for day walks and for overnight walks; 1, 2 and 3 are summary lists
subject to seasonal variation and do not include specific details about each item.)

Footwear, socks, gaiters, shorts, trousers, shirt, thermal top and pants, wool jumpers or
fleece jacket, waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, sun hat and beanie, gloves or mittens.
Consider what spares may be required.

Personal items
Watch, compass and maps, notebook and pencil, whistle, sunscreen, insect repellent,
first aid kit and any personal medication, matches/lighter, suitable knife, toilet paper,
trowel, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, toiletries for over night walks.
Pack, pack liner, sit mat, water bottles, food, torch, rubbish bag, section of cord or rope.

Group equipment
The leader should consider the following equipment when determining what equipment
is appropriate for the specific walk being undertaken. Depending on the group it is likely
that participants will share the group equipment:
  • tent, groundsheet, cooking equipment, pot scrubber, candles (for
  • overnight/extended trips)
  • communication equipment such as mobile phone, radio, PLB (personal locator
  • beacon) appropriate to the location (for day or overnight/extended trips).

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