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When Others Are Lost

  • Carry out a brief reconnaissance search (min group of 4) in areas of high probability, looking especially at junctions, huts, camp sites & creeks.
  • If missing for 3-4 hours assume to be totally lost & seek help for a search.
  • Send a small self sufficient fast moving group to the nearest point of civilisation, carrying details of the lost party, while the remainder of the group sets up camp & lights a visible fire where the lost party was last seen.
  • They must not move until the lost party is found or the search party gives up hope.
  • Searchers give 1 signal at regular intervals.
  • Lost party 3 consecutive, regularly spaced.
  • To recall searchers use 2 signals at short intervals.
  • Details to be sent with group seeking help:
    • Full name, address & age of each of those lost
    • When last seen, where & by whom.
    • Name, address & tel number of N.O.K.
    • Physical & mental condition.
    • Bushwalking skills.
    • Knowledge of the area.
    • Clothing worn.
    • Equipment & food carried.
    • Give details of person making report & information about the trip.
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