George Bush in Dubai 

14th January 2008 

George Bush visited Dubai on 14th January 2008 (he was in Abu Dhabi on 13th January 2008, and in Saudi Arabia on 15th January 2008). Due to his arrival in Dubai, the 14th was declared a public holiday in Dubai for both public and private sectors due to security arrangements.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President & Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, showed Mr. Bush around and gave him a glimpse of the cultural heritage and traditions of the Arab Emirates.

President Bush described the United Arab Emirates as a model Islamic nation.

The traditional Arabic treatment for guests is that you cover up the table entirely with food... well, in this case it's a little more traditional so there is no table

President Bush tried a couple of steps of the traditional Emirati dance too!

President Bush takes a moment to admire the nation's progress over the years.

He tries some of the Arabic bread

The falcon isn't a stuffed animal - it's a pet. Although you don't find every household with their own pet falcon, some nationals do like to keep them.

I guess the flag of the host with the flag of the guest is a message of peace

President Bush spends some time talking to the Emirati children.