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Welcome to the Bushikido Jiujitsu (aka Jiu-Jitsu or Jujutsu) China homepage. We are conveniently located in Fuping County, Shaanxi Province, Western China, about an hour from the famous historical city of Xi'an, about an hour from the legendary Terra Cotta Warriors and Mt. Hua, one of China's most sacred mountains.

We are pleased to be specializing in both modern and classical Jujutsu, and Jujutsu for Law Enforcement, Security and Protective Services as well.

We are also pleased to be offering intensive blackbelt camps @200-300 hours over 4-8 weeks. Please click the link on our sidebar for more information.

Bushikido is derived from Budo and Bushido, indicating that we strive to emulate the art, way and code of the warrior as proscribed anciently. This is in recognition of the strong influence that various ryu of Budo have had on our lineage.

Ki is the Japanese term for life force, or internal energy. In reality, it is expicable by modern science as a combination of biomechanics, leverage and positioning, breathing, neuromuscular conditioning.  It is one of the primary aims of our training in terms of both combat and health and fitness, as well as in approaching daily life.

Kido is also a tribute to Aikido and Aikijiujitsu, and Hapkido, which have also strongly influenced our ryu.