Island Triangle Waltz Cotillon

Written by Vic Orloff on Norfolk Island during the Bush Dance Festival April 2008

Formation: 3 couples in triangle numbered clockwise 1, 2, 3

Music: 48 bar waltz


4 bars Couple 1 dance the down the middle between couples 2 and 3

4 bars Split and dance solo on the outside back to place

16 bars Repeat with couple 2 and 3

Figure 1

8 bars Stars: Man left and right hand with left hand couple, lady right and left hand with right hand couple.

16 bars Repeat with couple 2 and 3


Figure 2

8 bars Reel of 3: Man with left hand couple, lady with right hand couple. Both start by passing through the middle of other couple.

16 bars Repeat with couple 2 and 3


Figure 3

8 bars Serpentine: Man weaves left, lady right.

16 bars Repeat with couple 2 and 3



8 bars Waltz the set

16 bars Waltz the hall


Norfolk Island Newgate Jig

Dance written by Vic Orloff as part of the Norfolk Triangle Challenge during the Bush Dance Festival on Norfolk Island April 2008. After much assistance from the Dolphin Team this is the final result.

Formation: Three part dance for 9 dancers in 3 triangles with the apex (pointy end) forming an inside triangle i.e. 6 dancers in a circle on the inside and 3 dancers on the inside.

Music: 48 bar 6/8 lively jigs

Part A: The Trial

4 bars Outside Triangles right hand star

4 bars Inside Triangles left hand star

Meanwhile outside dancers right arm turn

4 bars Outside Triangles circle left

4 bars Inside Triangles circle left

Meanwhile outside dancers left arm turn

Part B: The Execution

12 bars Outside 6 dancers grand chain

4 bars Outside 6 dancers solo jig

16 bars Meanwhile 3 inside dancers dance the knot (a basket where each dancer cross right arm over left and take nearest hands of the dancer beside them) left (8 bars) and return right (8 bars).

Part C: The Salvation

4 bars In each outside triangle petronella turn to the next position and set.

12 bars Repeat three more times to progress to new position within your own triangle.

Repeat dance from new position two more times.


If there are spare dancers it can also be danced with 4 triangles and a square in the middle and Part B would be:

14 bars Outside 8 dancers grand chain

2 bars Outside 8 dancers solo jig

16 bars Meanwhile 4 inside dancers dance the knot.


 Gwen Burke’s Norfolk Triangle

Dance written by Gwen Burke as part of the Norfolk Triangle Challenge during the Bush Dance Festival on Norfolk Island April 2008

Formation: 3 lines of 3 people in the shape of a triangle. Number clockwise around the set, line 1 with their backs to the band.

Music: 32 bar reel (suggested Soldiers Joy)

8 bars Two people on RH end in line 1 hold inside hands, make arch and turn to face left so others can pass under the arch. All others hold hands together and the person on the LH end of line 1 leads everyone under the arch and around the set back to place into original lines.
This denotes prisoners in chains arriving at the prison gates on Norfolk Island.

4 bars Centre person on each line cast out by left shoulder and dance around to the centre of the next line on the right. Dance out to use up all the music time.
This is the prisoners making their escape.

4 bars Near the end of the previous 4 bars the remaining 2 people on each line turn to face towards the outside of the set, take inside hands ready to capture the ‘escapee’. As the ‘escapee’ arrives, each set of 3 people circle left, ending in place in their line.
Escapee being captured

8 bars With raised inside hand, centre person in each line (the escapee) makes RH and LH star WHILE remaining two people on each of the lines face towards each other and do grand chain, starting RH all the way round & back to place
Centre people are the escapees punished on the triangle WHILE the grand chain of authority keeps them under control

8 bars As centre person completes the LH star, comes back to the line of 3 where he/she was ‘captured’ and does a reel of 3 by L.shoulder with the other 2 people from that line as they complete their grand chain. Reel of 3 is commenced with the centre person and person on the RH end of the line.
Prisoners are put back to work and kept under close watch by authorities.