Norfolk Island 2008

In April 2008 a group of bush dancing enthusiasts gathered at Norfolk Island for a week of dancing and exploring the island. The adventure was initiated by Lynn McGregor from Canberra and subsequently organised by Barbara and Lance Court. Music and musicians were coordinated by David Johnson.

The success of the week led to the establishment of the Bundanoon DanceFest.

Reviews - What has been written about the festival
Photos - Links to pages of photos of the trip.
Norfolk Triangle Dances - The  instructions for the dances written in response to the Challenge
Music for Norfolk Triangles - The music composed for the dances as part of the Challenge
Recorded Music - Some of the music from the week was recorded. The recording quality is pretty hohum - but you can get the idea. Calling can be heard with the music.
Music Folio & Dance Instructions Booklet - These are sold out.