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Since the inauguration of George Herbert Walker Bush on January 20, 1989, every President of The United States of America has been a member of one of America's two political royal families:

Bush. Clinton.

At Bush & Clinton Forever, we strongly believe that a family's political experience, pedigree, ambition and "brand name" are of paramount importance in American political life.  It is our mission to help continue the Bush and Clinton back-and-forth political dynasty into perpetuity. 

Here's our in-depth look at the past, present and expected future Bush and Clinton Presidents of the United States of America (from 1989 to 2057 and beyond.)


  • 1989-1993 - President George Herbert Walker Bush


  • 1993 - 2001 - President William Jefferson Clinton


  • 2001 - 2009 - President George W. Bush  


  • 2009 - 2017 - President Hillary Rodham Clinton -- If hoisted to the presidential mantle as anticipated in November 2008.  Currently the front-runner.  First Female president in US history AND first spouse of a former US president to be elected as President!!  Also, first sitting US Senator to be elected President since JFK!!


  • 2017 - 2025 - President Jeb Bush -- First time in US history that 2 different sons of a former US president are elected to the highest office in the land!  First brother of a president to be elected president!!  Also, I believe he would be the first Floridian to be elected President!  First family in US history to have 3 members elected President (this definitely makes them the #1 US political dynasty of all time!)


  • 2025 - 2033 - President Chelsea Clinton -- Youngest female president ever elected at age 45, AND first daughter of a president to be elected President!  Stanford AND Oxford educated!!  By the way, did you know that the first son of a former president to be elected president was not George W. Bush? Actually, it was John Quincy Adams who took office back in 1825!!!!  He was the son of our second president, John Adams.


  • 2033 - 2041 - President George P. Bush -- First hispanic US President!  Note: George P. Bush is Jeb's son and his mother is a native of Mexico.  George P. Bush is a graduate of the University of Texas Law School!!  He is currently a rising star in the Republican party and was recently featured in a Men's Vogue article!  He also recently joined the US Navy Reserves!  (That military experience will come in handy in the White House!)  He would be only the second Grandson of a US president to be elected president.  The first was Benjamin Harrison back in 1889, who was the grandson of our 9th President, William Henry Harrison. 


  • 2041 - 2049 - President ______ _______ Clinton  -- First adopted President of a former US President!  Yes, we know, the Clinton's must adopt a child to keep the dynasty going.  They must adopt a child who is at least 2 years old now, so he/she are eligible to take office in 2041.  The adopted child must be born in the US to be eligible to be president.  (As an aside, this rule is why Governor Schwarzenegger is not running against Hillary Clinton in '08.  He is a native of Austria.  Thank goodness!)  ***Update 10/16/07: One of our readers pointed out that the 2041 Clinton slot could also go to the future husband of Chelsea Clinton!  Actually, this probably is a more realistic possibility than the adoption scenario above.  So, first husband President of a former president's daughter, anyone?


  • 2049 - 2057 - President Jenna Bush -- First granddaughter of a US president to be elected president!  Also, first daughter of a former Republican president to take office!  A possible VP dark horse in this race: Her twin sister Barbara, forming the first all-sister presidential ticket in US history!! 


  • 2057 - beyond!  Honestly folks, our ability to see that far into the future is not quite as clear as our certainty that the Bush Clinton dynasty is majestic for America!!!!







10/16/07: Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to "Bush & Clinton Forever".  We appreciate the fact that there are apparently millions of American dynasty lovers out there!  Some of the excellent suggestions for the future of the Bush & Clinton dynasty include "Laura Bush for US Senate" (from Texas), which was originally suggested by National Review Online.  Also, "Chelsea Clinton for US Senate" from NY, after Hillary Clinton wins the White House.  "Senator Chelsea Clinton" kind of has a nice ring to it!  Keep the ideas flowing, America!!

10/20/07The emails just keep pouring in!  One reader from Charleston, South Carolina suggested that Tyler Clinton, Bill and Hillary Clinton's 12-year old nephew, could someday play a part in continuing the Clinton side of the dynasty.  (Full disclosure: We did not even know there was a "Tyler Clinton" until today, but we're very excited about it!)  Tyler is son of Bill's brother Roger Clinton (Remember Roger, everyone?).  We expect Tyler will be ready to assume the presidency by the year 2041!!

10/24/07A reader from Portland, Oregon asked today if we felt there could be any Bush or Clinton "party traitors" in the future?  (ie, a Bush becoming a Democrat or a Clinton going Republican.)  We don't believe party affiliation really matters when it comes to the goal of "Bush & Clinton Forever".  Our view is that the success of the Bush and Clinton political dynasties is a bit less about political party, and much more about the experience, pedigree, ambition and "brand name" of one's political family.  That said, we do think there could be party affiliation switches in the future.  Our picks: George P. Bush to the Democrats is not out of the question.  Chelsea's future husband switching to the Republicans wouldn't shock anyone.  Jenna Bush is quite the maverick, and could easily find a home as a 3rd-party candidate someday.

11/1/07A reader from Peachtree City, GA asked if we saw a possibility of any Cheney family members being part of future Bush administrations.  Yes we do!  Our thinking is that Lynne Cheney would add tremendous gravitas as the VP choice for Jeb Bush in 2017.  Alternatively, we think that Dick and Lynne Cheney's daughter Mary is far more of a natural Democrat, and would make an intriguing choice for Chelsea Clinton's VP slot in 2025.  Stay tuned!

11/9/07A reader from Redding, CA suggested that inter-marriage between certain Bush and Clinton family members could take the dynasty to an entirely different level.  However, they had no guesses as to which family members from each side might be prospective candidates for this possibility.  So how about it Bush & Clinton Forever readers...any ideas?

11/21/07: Finally we have a Bush & Clinton intermarriage idea that makes sense.  A reader from Austin, TX suggested that Pierce Bush, the son of Neil Bush, and Chelsea Clinton would be a match made in Bush & Clinton Forever HEAVEN!  They are relatively near each other in age and even kind of look alike!  We expect Pierce to be a viable Presidential candidate sometime after the year 2057.

12/17/07:  Bush & Clinton Forever is proud to annouce that the Bush & Clinton families will be working more closely together than ever starting in January of 2009 when Hillary Rodham Clinton assumes the presidency.  Former President Bill Clinton announced today that he and former President George H. W. Bush will be assisting President Hillary Clinton in traveling around the world and to tell them "that America is open for business and cooperation again."  We at Bush & Clinton Forever must admit that we were not aware the US was "closed for business" (???), but nevertheless welcome this wonderful spirit of partnership between the Bush & Clinton families!!   Read the article here.

1/9/08:  Bush & Clinton Forever is ELATED by the amazing comeback victory of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the New Hampshire primary the other night!!!!!  We must admit that even we were a bit nervous about the "situation" that she had found herself in after Iowa.  It almost felt as if the Bush & Clinton dynasty was in jeopardy there for a second.  NAW!!  We knew she'd win!  The simple fact is that all other candidates in the race should just drop out and save their money (go buy some ExxonMobil stock with it), because Hillary in '08 is Bush & Clinton Forever destiny!!!! 

1/16/08:  Bush & Clinton Forever is proud to announce the nuptials of Jenna Bush and Harry Hager!!  Harry is a GOP rising star.  We believe that Harry will become another in a long line of Bush family presidents, possibly as early as 2049.  Thank you Jenna for meeting such a fine young Republican!!!  Bush & Clinton Forever, everybody!!  


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Bush & Clinton Forever's Fun Facts & Trivia

The population of the United States is 301,139,947. (July 2007 est.)


Americans under the age of 45 have never voted in a presidential election without a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot, either in the Presidential or Vice Presidential  slot.  (President George Herbert Walker Bush was on the winning 1980 republican ticket as Ronald Reagan's VP.)



Americans under the age of 37 have never voted in a presidential election without a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot as the choice for President.