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authorstitlejournalpub. datearXiv linkpublished version downloadremarks
Agresti, I; Poderini, D; Carvacho, G; Sarra, L; Chaves, R; Buscemi, F; Dall’Arno, M; Sciarrino F Experimental semi-device-independent tests of quantum channels Quantum Science and Technology 4, 035004 (9pp) May 20, 2019 1806.00380   
Gour, G.; Jennings, D.; Buscemi, F.; Duan, R.; Marvian, I. Quantum majorization and a complete set of entropic conditions for quantum thermodynamics Nature Communications 9, 5352 (9pp) December 17, 2018 1708.04302 PDF see also 
Buscemi, F Reverse Data-Processing Theorems and Computational Second Laws Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, vol 261, 135-159 November 3, 2018 1607.08335  Proceedings of Nagoya Winter Workshop (NWW) 2015 
Dall'Arno, M; Buscemi, F. Tradeoff relations between accessible information, informational power, and purity IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 65(4), pp. 2614-2622 October 9, 2018 1801.05185 PDF  
Rosset, D; Buscemi, F; Liang Y-C Resource Theory of Quantum Memories and Their Faithful Verification with Minimal Assumptions Physical Review X, vol. 8, 021033 (15pp) May 8, 2018 1710.04710 PDF featured on APS PhysicsBuzz Blog,, and "Inside the Perimeter" Blog 
Buscemi, F Comparison of noisy channels and reverse data-processing theorems 2017 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW), Kaohsiung, 2017, 489-493 February 1, 2018 1803.02945 PDF  
Dall'Arno, M; Tosini, A; Brandsen, S; Buscemi, F.; Vedral, V No-hypersignaling principle Physical Review Letters, vol. 119, 020401 (7pp) July 14, 2017 1609.09237 PDF PRL Highlights and Editors' Suggestion 
Dall'Arno, M; Brandsen, S; Buscemi, F; Vedral, V Device-independent tests of quantum measurements Physical Review Letters, vol. 118, 250501 (5pp) June 22, 2017 1609.07846 PDF  
Dall'Arno, M; Brandsen, S.; Buscemi, F Device-independent tests of quantum channels Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 473, 20160721 (16pp) March 15, 2017 1606.02799 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Gour, G Quantum relative Lorenz curves Physical Review A 95, 012110 (12pp) January 9, 2017 1607.05735 PDF  
Buscemi, F Degradable channels, less noisy channels, and quantum statistical morphisms: an equivalence relation Problems of Information Transmission 52(3), 201-213 October 19, 2016 1511.08893  Russian translation available at 
Sulyok, G; Sponar, S; Demirel, B; Buscemi, F; Hall, MJW; Ozawa, M; Hasegawa, Y Erratum: Experimental Test of Entropic Noise-Disturbance Uncertainty Relations for Spin-1/2 Measurements [Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 030401 (2015)] Physical Review Letters, vol. 117, 069903 (2pp) August 5, 2016  PDF Reason for erratum: one theoretical claim corrected; experimental conclusions unchanged 
Buscemi, F; Das, S; Wilde, MM Approximate reversibility in the context of entropy gain, information gain, and complete positivity Physical Review A, vol. 93, 062304 (11pp) June 13, 2016 1601.01207 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Datta, N Equivalence between divisibility and monotonic decrease of information in classical and quantum stochastic processes Physical Review A, vol. 93, 012101 (7pp) January 4, 2016 1408.7062 PDF  
Sulyok, G; Sponar, S; Demirel, B; Buscemi, F; Hall, MJW; Ozawa, M; Hasegawa, Y Experimental test of entropic noise-disturbance uncertainty relations for spin-1/2 measurements Physical Review Letters, vol. 115, 030401 (5pp) July 13, 2015 1504.04200 PDF PRL Editors' Suggestion 
Buscemi, F; Dall'Arno, M; Ozawa, M; Vedral, V Universal Optimal Quantum Correlator International Journal of Quantum Information, vol. 12 (7-8), 1560002 (4pp) October 28, 2014 1409.2237 PDF  
Buscemi, F On complete positivity, Markovianity, and the quantum data-processing inequality, in the presence of initial system-environment correlations Physical Review Letters, vol. 113, 140502 (5pp) October 3, 2014 1307.0363 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Datta, N; Strelchuk, S Game-theoretic characterization of antidegradable channels Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 55 (9), 092202 (14pp) September 23, 2014 1404.0277 PDF  
Dall'Arno, M; Buscemi, F; Ozawa, M Tight bounds on accessible information and informational power Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol. 47, 235302 (12pp) May 20, 2014 1402.0602 PDF Selected for J. Phys. A "Highlights of 2014" 
Buscemi, F; Hall, MJW; Ozawa, M; Wilde, MM Noise and disturbance in quantum measurements: an information-theoretic approach Physical Review Letters, vol. 112, 050401 (5pp) February 4, 2014 1310.6603 PDF Top 1% Highly Cited Paper (according to Web of Science, as of Jan/Feb 2016) 
Buscemi, F; Datta, N General theory of assisted entanglement distillation IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 59 (3), pp.1940-1954 February 12, 2013 1009.4464 PDF  
Wilde, MM; Hayden, P; Buscemi, F; Hsieh, M-H The information-theoretic costs of simulating quantum measurements Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol. 45, 453001 (67pp) October 18, 2012 1206.4121 PDF Topical Review 
Buscemi, F All Entangled Quantum States Are Nonlocal Physical Review Letters, vol. 108, 200401 (5pp) May 14, 2012 1106.6095 PDF Selected for a Viewpoint in APS Physics and a PRL Editors' Suggestion 
Buscemi, F Comparison of quantum statistical models: equivalent conditions for sufficiency Communications in Mathematical Physics, vol. 310, pp.625-647 March 1, 2012 1004.3794 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Datta, N Entanglement cost in practical scenarios Physical Review Letters, vol. 106, 130503 (4pp) March 30, 2011 0906.3698 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Datta, N Distilling entanglement from arbitrary resources Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 51 (10), 102201 (18pp) October 11, 2010 1006.1896 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Datta, N The quantum capacity of channels with arbitrarily correlated noise IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 56 (3), pp.1447-1460 March 11, 2010 0902.0158 PDF  
Buscemi, F Private quantum decoupling and secure disposal of information New Journal of Physics, vol. 11, 123002 (17pp) December 1, 2009 0901.4506 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Gour, G; Kim JS Polygamy of Distributed Entanglement Physical Review A, vol. 80, 012324 (8pp) July 20, 2009 0903.4413 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Horodecki, M Towards a unified approach to information-disturbance tradeoffs in quantum measurements Open Systems & Information Dynamics, vol. 16 (1), pp.29-48 March 1, 2009 0810.1310 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Hayashi, M; Horodecki, M Global information balance in quantum measurements Physical Review Letters, vol. 100, 210504 (4pp) May 30, 2008 quant-ph/0702166 PDF  
Buscemi, F Irreversibility of entanglement loss Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5106, pp.16-28 February 29, 2008 0802.4327 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Hayashi, M; Horodecki, M Information extraction versus reversibility in quantum measurement processes International Journal of Quantum Information, vol. 6 (Supplement), pp.613-619 February 27, 2008  PDF  
Buscemi, F Entanglement measures and approximate quantum error correction Physical Review A, vol. 77, 012309 (7pp) January 9, 2008 0706.1815 PDF  
Buscemi, F Channel correction via quantum erasure Physical Review Letters, vol. 99, 180501 (4pp) October 29, 2007 quant-ph/0611111 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Chiribella, G; D'Ariano, GM Quantum erasure of decoherence Open Systems & Information Dynamics, vol. 14 (1), pp.53-61 March 7, 2007 quant-ph/0611070 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Sacchi, MF A minimum-disturbing quantum state discriminator Open Systems & Information Dynamics, vol. 14 (1), pp.17-24 March 7, 2007 quant-ph/0610232 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Macchiavello, C Economical realization of phase covariant devices in arbitrary dimensions Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol. 24 (2), pp.363-370 January 26, 2007 quant-ph/0606120 PDF Invited contribution 
Chiribella, G; D'Ariano, GM; Macchiavello, C; Perinotti, P; Buscemi, F Superbroadcasting and classical information Physical Review A, vol. 75, 012315 (8pp) January 12, 2007 quant-ph/0608153 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Sacchi, MF Information-Disturbance Tradeoff in Quantum State Discrimination Physical Review A, vol. 74, 052320 (5pp) November 14, 2006 quant-ph/0610196 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Macchiavello, C; Perinotti, P Universal and phase covariant superbroadcasting for mixed qubit states Physical Review A, vol. 74, 042309 (14pp) October 12, 2006 quant-ph/0602125 PDF  
Buscemi, F On the minimum number of unitaries needed to describe a random-unitary channel Physics Letters A, vol. 360 (2), pp.256-258 August 22, 2006 quant-ph/0607034 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Macchiavello, C Optimal Time-Reversal of Multi-phase Equatorial States Physical Review A, vol. 72, 062311 (5pp) December 8, 2005 quant-ph/0504016 PDF  
Buscemi, F; Chiribella, G; D'Ariano, GM Inverting quantum decoherence by classical feedback from the environment Physical Review Letters, vol. 95, 090501 (4pp) August 23, 2005 quant-ph/0504195 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Keyl, M; Perinotti, P; Werner RF Clean Positive Operator Valued Measures Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 46 (8), 082109 (18pp) August 17, 2005 quant-ph/0505095 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Macchiavello, C Economical Phase-Covariant Cloning of Qudits Physical Review A, vol. 71, 042327 (7pp) April 19, 2005 quant-ph/0407103 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Perinotti, P There exist non orthogonal quantum measurements that are perfectly repeatable Physical Review Letters, vol. 92, 070403 (4pp) February 19, 2004 quant-ph/0310041 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Sacchi, MF Physical realizations of quantum operations Physical Review A, vol. 68, 042113 (7pp) October 23, 2003 quant-ph/0305180 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Perinotti, P; Sacchi, MF Optimal realization of the transposition map Physics Letters A, vol. 314 (5-6), pp.374-379 June 16, 2003 quant-ph/0304175 PDF  
Buscemi, F; D'Ariano, GM; Sacchi, MF Unitary realizations of the ideal phase measurement Physics Letters A, vol. 312 (5-6), pp.315-318 April 24, 2003 quant-ph/0304071 PDF  
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