About SAGE

SAGE is the group that addresses the issues and concerns of graduate students in the College of Engineering. We host biweekly Faculty/Graduate Student Socials and other activities throughout the semester.

This site is intended to serve as a source of information about our organization and to serve as a resource to current and incoming graduate students.

To contact specific SAGE officers, please see the listing on the right; our BU user names are shown in parenthesis.  Append @bu.edu to the user name to form the email address. 


  • President - Tony Gao (tgao)
  • Vice President - Elizabeth Shenk (emshenk)
  • Treasurer - Zack Webster (mzw)
  • Secretary - Chris Mancuso (cmancuso)
  • Community Chair - Jesson Go (goj)
  • Social Chair - Christine Nykyforchyn (csnyky)


  • BME - Meghan Thommes (mthommes)
  • ECE - Jacob Clifton (clifton)
  • ME - Vacant
  • MSE - Shizhao Su (szs)
  • SE - Vacant
  • BI - Vinay Kartha (vkartha)
  • LEAP - Vacant
  • MEng - Bishwa Pandey (bishwap)