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Annual Parish Meeting 2017

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th May at 6:00 p.m. in the Village Hall. This is your opportunity to meet your councillors for an update on all Parish Council matters.

There is a lot going on so don’t miss your chance to see and hear from all those involved. Find out what has been happening and what is being planned.

Updates include: The Neighbourhood Plan, our finances and projects, our clubs and societies and our schools. Please note the date. We look forward to seeing you and comparing ideas.

Planning Appeals

Island Acre

The applicants have lost their appeal against SDNPA's refusal to permit the gypsy site. A copy of the inspector's decision is available here

There are a further three appeals currently but these are all by 'written representation' between the applicants and South Downs National Park/Chichester District Council, and Bury Parish Council are asked to either support or object. These appeals are for the applicant only, and cannot be based on anything apart from the legality of the SDNPA/CDC decision. 

Proposed joint O2/Vodaphone 4G Mast at Timberley Farm

Vodafone and Telefónica are in the process of progressing a suitable site in the Bury Common area for a radio base station. The development comprises:

  • The installation of 1No. 22.0m Lattice Tower with 6No. TEF Antennas, 2No. 0.6m Dishes, 3No. Equipment Cabinets and ancillary development.

This is currently a consultation on the proposal before any planning submission is made. As part of Vodafone’s and Telefónica’s continued network improvement programme, there is a specific requirement for a radio base station at this location to provide new 4G mobile coverage in the area.

Mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones and other devices we rely on simply won’t work.

Please see the attached PDF document here: 

O2 proposed mast south west elevation. Click on link above for more details.

New Car Park Charges 

Chichester District Council

Evening charges

Evening charges have been introduced in both Northgate Car Park and New Park Road Car Park since April 1st 2017. These car parks will now charge between 8am and 8pm. Please make sure you have checked the charges boards within the car park and paid the correct charge before leaving your vehicle.

All car parks are open 24 hours. The charging times for long stay and short stay car parks are 8.00am - 6.00pm Monday - Saturday and 10am - 5pm on Sundays excluding Northgate & New Park Road car parks which are chargeable from 8am to 8pm.  More information can be found here: www.chichester.gov.uk/article/24040/Car-park-charges 

Horsham District Council

Annual Parking Disc

On Monday 3 April 2017 HDC introduced a new parking charge policy for the market town and village car parks within the Horsham district.

The Council introduced an Annual Parking Disc that entitles you to park in all HDC market town and village car parks for £12 per year (23p per week) for the first disc and £6 each for any additional discs, with a maximum of 4 per household. This is available for any user, not just Horsham District residents.

The new £12 Annual Parking Disc will allow you to park for the maximum stay permitted in all the car parks in the table below, this excludes Horsham town centre and Southwater Country Park. These are for use Monday - Saturday only. No parking restrictions apply on Sundays & Bank Holidays.

For more information visit: www.horsham.gov.uk/parking/annual-parking-disc

New Councillors

Bury Parish Council is pleased to announce the unanimous appointment of three new Councillors. John Labarte, local resident; Matt Thomas, Headmaster at Dorset House School and Tony Lewis, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. All three new appointments represent strong commitments to all residents and the future of our whole Parish. 

There was a good response with a number of excellent candidates to choose from, whom we thank for their interest. It was a difficult decision. 

Bury Neighbourhood Plan 

The Bury Neighbourhood Plan approved in March by the Parish Council has been finalised and submitted to South Downs National Park Authority under Regulation 15 of Part 5 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.
SDNPA has confirmed receipt and is in the process of reviewing and checking the documents before conducting a further consultation exercise. The next stage will be the referral of the Plan by SDNPA for examination by an Independent Examiner.

If you would like more information and/or would like to download the consultation documents please visit the Neighbourhood Plan Website.


Please click here to send an email to add yourself to the Parish Mailing List.

Report a problem

Report faults or problems such as:

  • potholes
  • fly-tippng
  • abandoned vehicles
  • non-illuminated bollards
  • road flooding
  • overgrown vegetation
  • damaged pavements 
  • noise nuisance
  • missed dustbin collection 
  • anti-social driving, etc. 

Please go to the ‘Report a problem’ page for details/links.

Mobile Post Office - Change of Hours

Please note the new timing due to a route alteration. From April 5th 2017 the mobile Post Office Van will be in Bury outside the Village Hall between 11.00 - 12.00 on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Mobile Post Office

Village Hall Bookings

To book the Village Hall please: 

  1. Check the Bookings Calendar to see if the date(s) you would like are available.
  2. Complete and submit the online Booking Request Form.
  3. Check dates are confirmed.

Bookings cannot be made online, only booking requests made and availability checked. 

The Bookings Calendar is kept up to date but there may be a short delay between a booking being made and it showing on the calendar so please complete the Bookings Request Form so that any dates showing as available, still are available. Please do not 'phone at evenings or weekends. Thank you.

Willow Tree Down at The Wharf

Willow tree down at The Wharf, Bury.

The very large willow tree down at The Wharf that was blown over has been dealt with. It was decided to leave a section of trunk in situ, for the benefit of wildlife. It looks a little odd at the moment because the surrounding grass and stream bank were disturbed during the clean-up operation but it will soon grow again and form part of the landscape. This tree was the offspring of a previous willow that blew over years ago, and sprouted off the trunk which was lying on the ground. 

Recreation Field

The recreation field project team are preparing options for improvements inside the outer gate.  The Cricket Club is the primary user of our facility and we  want to ensure that we get the best out of this project to promote them and to attract other appropriate recreational users.

Meanwhile we have instructed Michael Dallyn to replace the wrecked gate and posts, like for like, to enable us to begin to clear up the entrance/parking issue, which is dangerous and urgent. 

Withdrawal of Compass Bus route 73 and revised route 71

Due to funding cuts Route 73 will be removed on 24 April. This bus serves Bury twice a week and links it with Pulborough and Storrington.  

Route 71 Storrington - Pulborough - Chichester (Wednesdays) from 24 April the revised route will run via Bury, Coombe Crescent and direct to Slindon and Chichester instead of via Arundel. 

Contact CChatfield@compass-travel.co.uk to air any opinions. 

Public Rights of Way

Darryl Hobden, our local Access Ranger, will be organising Public Rights of Way inspections to be carried out in May. Following the inspection, routine maintenance work will be prioritised for delivery by our contractor.

If you are aware of any problems with our Rights of Way that you wish to discuss with Darryl please contact him directly by the end of the April; please note he works Monday to Wednesday and Thursday morning only. His contact details are: prow@westsussex.gov.uk or 01243 777620

If you would like to find the number for a path, please use iMap: www.westsussex.gov.uk/imap. Please read ‘How to use the iMap’ before using it.

New Noticeboard for West Burton 

A new notice board is installed in West Burton. Made of oak, it will weather nicely and look in keeping with its surroundings. This one is lockable and should keep the snails out from eating the notices!  

Clubs and Societies

There are a number of sections where more contributions would be welcome, such as ‘Clubs and societies’ and ‘Village events’. If you are involved in any of these or would like to add more, please email: clerk@buryparishcouncil.org.uk

Help reduce speeding on A29

As part of our ongoing traffic calming plans for the A29 through Bury Village, it is intended that Bury join with Watersfield and Coldwaltham in a ‘Community Speedwatch' campaign. This would involve volunteers on road side watch with hand-held speed guns. Full training will be given. Please get in touch if you think you are able to help make the A29 through the village safer and quieter. Please contact Laurie O’Hanlon at burysoupdragon@aol.com  

Fly tipping

Fly tipping is on the increase. If you see anything, you can report it online via this link to Love West Sussex. A photo helps to assess how to deal with the problem. If you see it happening, take the vehicle registration, make, colour and time of the crime.  

Trees in Bury Conservation Area

We would like to remind Parishioners that if you are considering works to trees within the Conservation Area you must provide notice to the Chichester District Planning Authority prior to carrying out any works. This is the owners’ responsibility but a reputable tree surgeon should be aware of his obligations in this respect. It should be noted that unauthorised works to trees can be subject to unlimited fines. This applies not just to felling, but also crown reduction and lopping of all species of trees. For the avoidance of doubt the idea that seems to be circulating that leylandii and fruit trees are exempt is incorrect.

Please check if you are in a Conservation Area before carrying out works to trees. The easiest way to establish this is to email planning@southdowns.gov.uk with your address and they will let you know.

Public Meeting – Drilling on your Doorstep

Sunday 30 April 7 – 9pm, Pulborough Village Hall

"Keep Billingshurst Frack Free" is holding a public meeting on Sunday 30th April, 7 to 9pm. Hosted by actress Sue Jameson, guest speakers include Professor David Smythe (geologist), Kia Trainer (CPRE), Nicola Peel (environmentalist) and Tom Broughton (speaking on alternative energy).

In addition, the group is asking supporters to write urgently (by Thursday 18th April) to the Environment Agency regarding Broadford Bridge. They write as follows:

Please object to the Environment Agency planning variation request by Kimmeridge Oil and Gas Limited (KOGL), subsidiary of UK Oil and Gas, license holders of Broadford Bridge site, Adversane Lane, RH14 9EB.
Simply write a paragraph or two, including your name and address – unless you don’t want this included - to KOGL’s permit variation to acidise the well at the Broadford Bridge site.
Some of our concerns are the following, which you can use in your objection: 

  • Chemical use is greater in acidisation than in hydraulic fracking.
  • Solid and liquid waste will be toxic, highly saline and radioactive, a risk to groundwater, surface water and soil should accidents occur.
  • The EA Midlands office stated that there are no suitable disposal facilities in southern England.
  • Wells may be acidised repeatedly and there is little research on the subject of repeated acidisation. The cumulative effect on our environment and human health.
  • The risk of spills and other accidents.
  • No nearby accident and emergency department.
  • Lack of public consultation.
  • Absence of discussion of these issues in the Environmental Statement originally submitted by Celtique Energie.
  • The Weald is very faulted. Faults are complex and unpredictable in their hydrogeological behaviour and should be regarded as leaky.  The site is situated near a fault, which could take liquids to the River Arun.
  • Another thing we’ve noticed about this permit variation application is that it’s just been copied and pasted from same application to Surrey Council for the Horse Hill well, without even changing the details or name, let alone tailoring it to the rural Sussex area its in.

Help us object to this permit extension application by filling in the forms here: 
Overall, we think the new plans need a whole new planning application and public consultation.

River Arun

If you would like to check the height of the River Arun (at Houghton Bridge) here is a link to the Environment Agency river levels data. The highest recorded level at Houghton Bridge was 3.69m on Christmas Day, 2013.

Keep in touch…

If you have any news that you think would be of interest to the residents of Bury & West Burton, please email The Clerk.