Looking across the Wildbrooks from Bury

Pill Pond and Operation Watershed 

Last week, the work was completed along the lower lane leading to the Pill Pond. It is clearly impossible to test the pipework and the drainage with the current weather, but this should enable the local residents to be able to step out without wellies in the winter. This part of West Burton has been accumulating water off the roads above and it has not been draining away. This is the final part of this scheme which has taken 18 months to complete.


The Parish network of Bridleways and footpaths is obviously very difficult to keep up with at this time of the year. The Coffin Trail has been cleared  from West Burton and there is just the short section in Bury village that will be done soon, when time from other maintenance work permits. The Green and the Wharf are cut regularly and the top of the bank is being kept clear by BPC. Highways have done an inspection of the parish and have scheduled in some work. Two weeks ago, they replaced the bridge up to the Pill Pond which was becoming dangerous. Any problems with the view lines from the roads and the A29 can be reported to Highways via the 'Report a problem' page. 

Bury Green has had its annual RoSPA Safety Inspection and there will be some maintenance work that will be required.  We hope to get this completed before the school Summer Holidays.

Anglo-Saxon Bury

There is a new section on the website for those interested in the history of the parish. Contributions, both written and illustrative, would be appreciated for this new section, which is in its early stages at the moment. 

Topics could include the 12th century Church of St John the Evangelist, Bury Manor, Bury House, River Arun, Pill Pond, etc. There could also be a section with old photographs and post cards of Bury. If you have some local knowledge of historical interest, please get in touch.

To get things started please see the interesting article kindly submitted by Matthew De La Pole published in ‘Sussex Past & Present’ in April 2017, along with the same writer’s MA Dissertation ‘The Anglo-Saxon Estates of the Arun River Valley, Sussex: A Study of Amberley, Bury, Coldwaltham and Houghton’. Links to these publications are on the pages titled ‘History’ and ‘Anglo-Saxon Bury’ 

Parish Council Chairman

The Parish Council regrets to announce that Rogers Beetlestone has decided to step down as Chairman and has also resigned as a member of Bury Parish Council.

We would like to thank Rogers for all his sterling efforts over the last two years, 20 months of which as Chairman. As many of you would have seen at the Annual Parish Meeting on 17th May, he has successfully helped steer many projects forward in the Parish during his time on the Council.

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 15th May, Tony Lewis was elected unanimously as our new Chairman.

Proposed joint O2/Vodaphone 4G Mast at Timberley Farm

Vodafone and Telefónica are in the process of progressing a suitable site in the Bury Common area for a radio base station. The development comprises:

  • The installation of 1No. 22.0m Lattice Tower with 6No. TEF Antennas, 2No. 0.6m Dishes, 3No. Equipment Cabinets and ancillary development.

This is currently a consultation on the proposal before any planning submission is made. As part of Vodafone’s and Telefónica’s continued network improvement programme, there is a specific requirement for a radio base station at this location to provide new 4G mobile coverage in the area.

Mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones and other devices we rely on simply won’t work.

Please see the attached PDF document here: 

O2 proposed mast south west elevation. Click on link above for more details.

The Bury Neighbourhood Plan approved in March by the Parish Council has been finalised and submitted to South Downs National Park Authority under Regulation 15 of Part 5 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

SDNPA has confirmed receipt and is in the process of reviewing and checking the documents before conducting a further consultation exercise. The next stage will be the referral of the Plan by SDNPA for examination by an Independent Examiner.

If you would like more information and/or would like to download the consultation documents please visit the Neighbourhood Plan Website.


Please click here to send an email to add yourself to the Parish Mailing List.

Village Hall Bookings

To book the Village Hall please: 

  1. Check the Bookings Calendar to see if the date(s) you would like are available.
  2. Complete and submit the online Booking Request Form.
  3. Check dates are confirmed.

Bookings cannot be made online, only booking requests made and availability checked. 

The Bookings Calendar is kept up to date but there may be a short delay between a booking being made and it showing on the calendar so please complete the Booking Request Form so that any dates showing as available, still are available. Please do not 'phone at evenings or weekends. Thank you.

Door-to-Door Scam

There have been a few incidents recently of aggressive door-to-door salesmen (‘Hawkers’ or ‘Pedlars’).  

Please warn your neighbours, particularly elderly or vulnerable neighbours, not to open the door to strangers or buy on the doorstep. Some doorstep callers may offer poor quality goods at inflated prices and if a caller is not genuine, they may be gathering information for future crime. 

Please keep in mind that if cold callers don’t get any sales in the area, they are less likely to return.

They are known as ‘Nottingham Knockers’ and will knock on a door, offering cleaning items which they know are cheap and of very poor quality. The householder also knows they are rubbish but that is part of the scam. Many people will purchase items and pay them something, just to get rid of them. They can be very persistent and confrontational.

More details…

Ransomware Cyber Attack

Following the recent world-wide Ransomware cyber attacks, Neighbourhood Watch have released advice to individuals and businesses which is posted on the Neighbourhood Watch page here. 

Recreation Field

The recreation field project team are preparing options for improvements inside the outer gate.  The Cricket Club is the primary user of our facility and we  want to ensure that we get the best out of this project to promote them and to attract other appropriate recreational users.

Meanwhile we have instructed Michael Dallyn to replace the wrecked gate and posts, like for like, to enable us to begin to clear up the entrance/parking issue, which is dangerous and urgent. 

Withdrawal of Compass Bus route 73 and revised route 71

Due to funding cuts Route 73 was removed on 24 April. This bus served Bury twice a week and linked it with Pulborough and Storrington.  

Route 71 Storrington - Pulborough - Chichester (Wednesdays) from 24 April the revised route now runs via Bury, Coombe Crescent and direct to Slindon and Chichester instead of via Arundel. 

Public Rights of Way

Darryl Hobden, our local Access Ranger, will be organising Public Rights of Way inspections to be carried out in May. Following the inspection, routine maintenance work will be prioritised for delivery by our contractor.

If you are aware of any problems with our Rights of Way that you wish to discuss with Darryl please contact him directly by the end of the April; please note he works Monday to Wednesday and Thursday morning only. His contact details are: prow@westsussex.gov.uk or 01243 777620

If you would like to find the number for a path, please use iMap: www.westsussex.gov.uk/imap. Please read ‘How to use the iMap’ before using it.

New Noticeboard for West Burton 

A new notice board is installed in West Burton. Made of oak, it will weather nicely and look in keeping with its surroundings. This one is lockable and should keep the snails out from eating the notices!  


Nextdoor local network

Nextdoor link

Nextdoor is an online service that enables communities to communicate among neighbours and build stronger neighbourhoods. Recently, a new local group was established for Bury and the surrounding area by Dave Nelson. 

On Nextdoor, members can:

  • Share local recommendations (plumbers, electricians, babysitters, etc.)
  • Sell or give away household items.
  • Publicise local events.
  • Exchange information about crime and safety issues.
  • Find neighbours in the directory.
  • View a neighbourhood map.
  • Ask for advice.

More details…

Report a problem

Report faults or problems such as:

  • potholes
  • fly-tippng
  • abandoned vehicles
  • non-illuminated bollards
  • road flooding
  • overgrown vegetation
  • damaged pavements 
  • noise nuisance
  • missed dustbin collection 
  • anti-social driving, etc. 

Please go to the ‘Report a problem’ page for details/links.

Mobile Post Office - Change of Hours

Please note the new timing due to a route alteration. From April 5th 2017 the mobile Post Office Van will be in Bury outside the Village Hall between 11.00 - 12.00 on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Clubs and Societies

There are a number of sections where more contributions would be welcome, such as ‘Clubs and societies’ and ‘Village events’. If you are involved in any of these or would like to add more, please email: clerk@buryparishcouncil.org.uk

Help reduce speeding on A29

As part of our ongoing traffic calming plans for the A29 through Bury Village, it is intended that Bury join with Watersfield and Coldwaltham in a ‘Community Speedwatch' campaign. This would involve volunteers on road side watch with hand-held speed guns. Full training will be given. Please get in touch if you think you are able to help make the A29 through the village safer and quieter. Please contact Laurie O’Hanlon at burysoupdragon@aol.com  

Fly tipping

Fly tipping is on the increase. If you see anything, you can report it online via this link to Love West Sussex. A photo helps to assess how to deal with the problem. If you see it happening, take the vehicle registration, make, colour and time of the crime.  

Bury Fete
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Trees in Bury Conservation Area

We would like to remind Parishioners that if you are considering works to trees within the Conservation Area you must provide notice to the Chichester District Planning Authority prior to carrying out any works. This is the owners’ responsibility but a reputable tree surgeon should be aware of his obligations in this respect. It should be noted that unauthorised works to trees can be subject to unlimited fines. This applies not just to felling, but also crown reduction and lopping of all species of trees. For the avoidance of doubt the idea that seems to be circulating that leylandii and fruit trees are exempt is incorrect.

Please check if you are in a Conservation Area before carrying out works to trees. The easiest way to establish this is to email planning@southdowns.gov.uk with your address and they will let you know.

River Arun

If you would like to check the height of the River Arun (at Houghton Bridge) here is a link to the Environment Agency river levels data. The highest recorded level at Houghton Bridge was 3.69m on Christmas Day, 2013.

Keep in touch…

If you have any news that you think would be of interest to the residents of Bury & West Burton, please email The Clerk.