This an opportunity for Guild members to enlist in any of the ongoing projects as they work on their own work and socialize.
The Guild Hall has a variety of different floor looms to work on, all available to members.

2018 - 2019


Rag Rug
Loom #2: 54” Nilus Leclerc - 4 Harness Counterbalance Loom
Technique: Plain weave 
Size:  28" x 60"
Warp:  white rug warp
Weft: cotton rag strips or wool yarn
Sett: 6 epi



Wool Lap Blanket Loom

Other current project on looms
Tea Towel 

Projects in Discussion

Colour Gamp Blanket
100" Catalogne Project
Tapestry Floor Loom Project
Overshot Blanket

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