I Love Osama

I Love Osama

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Further to 9/11 Truth and America's "Global War on Terrorism": The Pretext to Wage War is Totally Fabricated, Submission to Australian Parliamentary Debate re Afghanistan, Can America stop an Israeli 'nuclear' 9/11?, USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now, Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, Afghanistan! A Graveyard of Western Prejudice and Bigotry?, Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!, Afghanistan to Dickensian England! What Do You Think About It? and Afghanistan is Good below should be included in the long overdue Parliamentary debate.  

However, one person has been wearing I Love Osama T-Shirt in front of everyone! Despite a lot of leg biting he is going strong.  


Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now, Mobile: 041 091 4118



The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally

Further to APEC Hijacked by State Sponsored Terrorism, Chaser busted at APEC and Zionised Marrickville Council below, Faruque Ahmed was promoting the “Stop Bush” rally at 8th of September 2007.

The rally was peaceful despite a series of deliberate and ill-motivated campaigns by the both state and federal governments as well the corporate media vendetta against Australian people and people of the whole world!

The creative and colorful anti-Bush protest attracted about 20 000 people from all walks of life. Yet, the ‘honest’ media reported the figure as 3 000, 5 000, small and 15 000! Finally the police report said 15 000!!

The rally finished peacefully and reconfirmed by the organizers and public present.

Somehow Faruque Ahmed was surfing the crowd and engaged in his style of investigations. His investigation became live and entertaining due to the presence of a few cameras. Together they exposed many shortcomings of the aggressive police operations.

Silly police went on to arrest an innocent invalid person. Due to the creative actions of the crowd police had some eggs on their faces. At the end of the drama Faruque shouted to the crowed and specifically to the 50 police present, “good police men and women of NSW, please arrest George Bush for war crimes and genocides, … . It was hilarious.

At one stage he was talking to a refined gentleman who traveled extensively in Africa and Middle East. Somehow a three star Police commander also joined in the conversation. Faruque was trying to expose the ‘skipacious’ Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and the police commander was trying to maintain diplomacy while he made a few attempts to protect his boss. Then came the trouble! Faruque was wearing a well-made fluorescent T shirt –
“Zionist Criminals I love Osama” and holding an equally attractive double sided poster –

Stop Bush

Free Palestine

Stop Genocide In Iraq

A bearded idiot of his post sixties appeared in the panorama. He asked faruque, “Free Palestine – From whom”?

Faruque: People who robbed the land from the Palestinians.

The old idiot continued his idiocy further and at one stage Faruque said, “do you support the existence of a "gaming reserve" like the occupied Palestine where the Zionist forces have imprisoned millions of women and children and murdering them at any time with anything including F18s, Apache helicopters, tanks, machine guns, starvation, frustration, suffocation?”

The old idiot replied: I curse your prophet and your religion (that idiot reminded me Bruce the goose!).

Faruque: Thank you and have a nice day.

The Old Idiot: You have a rotten day.

Faruque: O.K. and now leave me alone.

The Old Idiot: You are an idiot.

Faruque: I can see, you are sewerage outlet and I do not wish to waste my time with you.

The Old Idiot: Why don’t you go back where you come from?

Faruque: Why don’t you go back where you come from?

The Old Idiot: I was born here!

Faruque: In that case please find out your forefathers’ country of origin and then go back to that rotten place immediately and on your way please take your racist and fascist fathers’ grave with you too because this country belongs to Aboriginals.

I think at that stage the Police commander had enough! He signaled Faruque to turn around and which he did. Within a minute, the old idiot was out of the scene and vanished in the wind!

Source: http://ratsar.blogspot.com/2007/09/truth-and-reality-at-sydney-apec-rally.html


When Cheney Comes To Town

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Friday evening was beautiful. I took a day off today and yesterday I already made a T-shirt to welcome Skull and Bones member Dick Cheney. Last night I spoke with Radio 2ue’s Clinton Maynard and today John Stanley of the same station about Iraq, Dick Cheney etc. In both occasions, it turned out to be pleasant research and analysis types of sessions as well as many people were supportive of our arguments and our expressed objectives! Only one and half “nice” persons expressed their anger at us without any logic or valid evidence.

However, the shirt reads, “Zionist Criminals I love Osama”. I was walking across Sydney’s Circular Quay and noticed too much and unnecessary police activities. I had a free half an hour time prior to my attendance of a discussion forum called Iraq and Afghanistan – American Quagmire”.

So I walked towards the infamous hotel where the war criminal has imprisoned him for the last three days. This morning he gave a half an hour so called lecture to a few business people. Many of these business people thought they are terrorists because accompanying American terrorists of Dick took over the security and treated them improperly. At the evening Cheney will meet poor old and uneasy Kevin Rudd and tomorrow the man of “steel” John Howard. Very busy schedule indeed!

As I approached the venue, many American pretend media people took many of my photographs because of my T – Shirt! At one stage a few police person surrounded me and very politely asked me;

Police: Sir what this T- Shirt says and we have to search you because of your shirt?
Me: Not a problem, go ahead (with a smile! However, the Police did not make any attempt to search me).

Police: What is Zionist?

Me: Are you sure you don’t know Zionists who follow Zionism?

Police: Please educate us.

Naturally, I explained Zionism to them and I also told them Zionism is worse than Nazism, … . They were happy with my statements and told me to continue my journey. I went further and found more police blocks which generated a bit of anger at my face! Would you believe, police officers on duty over there smiled at me and I waved at them with a friendly gesture! Finally, I noticed a beautiful part of Sydney was turned in to a mini Guantanamo Bay! I was disgusted and even on my way back I conversed with a few officers.

I said to them, “mate what the hell going on here! Our beautiful city has turned in to a mini Guantanamo Bay for one Skull and Bones member”!  Basically, they agreed with me and said, “it is a over kill”, ….. .

I also had a few nice friendly and gentle exchanges with them prior to my departure from that sad place. I wonder, is it possible to do the same in the USA?

Source: http://muslimvillage.com/forums/topic/32026-when-cheney-comes-to-town/


Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirt


Faruque Ahmed is a non-violent community activist. He has been attending debates and discussions in many forums including universities. So far he is regarded and respected for his contribution. His T-Shirts and stickers are deep and thought provoking too. Nonetheless he never had a T-Shirt saying, “I love Osama” or word to that effect.   

Yet, some people accused him of having a T-Shirt like I Love Osama! Faruque asked them to provide an iota of evidence in support of their claims. They failed to do so. Nonetheless, they continued to abuse, insult and attack Faruque as well as his race and religion. Surprisingly not many people stood up against those baseless and ill-motivated racist and sectarian attacks mentioned above.

In reality the day (16th February 2003) more than one million Australians marched against war and in support of peace; Faruque asked the “Mexican Bandit” (Micahel Jools) to make a T-Shirt saying, “Stop Zionised American Terrorism”. Jools made a T-Shirt for Faruque, “Stop American Zionism Terrorism”. Faruque had no choice but to use that unwanted version of shirt.

The day (March 20, 2003) America launched illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, Faruque marched along streets of Sydney with his new shirt, “Stop Zionised American Terrorism” made by the “Mexican Bandit” too.

However, attack on Faruque continued with new enthusiasm!

Finally, the day the Deputy Chief Terrorist Leader of USA (Dick Cheney) came to Sydney, Australia – Faruque welcomed him with his new shirt, “Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama Bin Laden”. It was hilarious.

He also went on to welcome Terrorist Leader George Bush with much more fun fare! Five thousand police, ten thousand securities, CIA, FBI, Black Water Security Guards or other vicious dogs failed to challenge him! Faruque was having a motza during that period and made tremendous fun out of useless security maniacs as exposed by the Chaser Team of ABC. Many enthusiastic cameras were following him too and no one was offended for his adventure. However, he was told recently, a few people at a Taxi Drivers Christmas party were offended for his T-Shirt. No wonder why taxi drivers are losing?  

The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally and When Cheney Comes in Town vindicated Faruque’s Zionist Criminals – I Love Osama Bin Laden. Yet, Osama is lovable than George and Stop Racist Attack On Faruque Ahmed failed to deter Morons & White Trash fury due to the long lasting impact of Geriatric Islamophobia  confirmed by former Prime Minster Paul Keating in Australia and around the world.

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/crimesexposed/faruque-ahmed-s-t-shirt


Osama is lovable than George

1. Osama Bin Laden is rich.
2. George Bush is rich.
3. Osama got a rich daddy.
4. George got a rich daddy.
5. Osama is a fanatic.
6. George is a fanatic.

The similarities between George and Osama stops then and there!

1. Osama believes in something.
2. George is enslaved by the neo-cons (mostly Israelites).
3. War and conflicts are beneficial for both families.
4. George is using conflicts for his personal benefits.
5. Osama is willing to sacrifice everything for his believes.
6. Osama is loved.
7. George is hated.
8. War crimes and genocides of George are proven.
9. Allegations against Osama are just allegations.
10. Osama is in the front with his people.
11. George is hiding behind bikinis.
12. Osama is brave.
13. George is a coward.

Considering the above may be Jesus loves Osama and not George.

Source: http://whodeservegaschamber.blogspot.com/2007/02/osama-is-lovable-than-george.html