New Students

How to get started:

First, call the karate school at 601-268-1108 or, email Sensei Burnside and set up an appointment for your orientation lessons. (Click here to send an email) We like to schedule your first lesson in the late afternoon before the evening classes start, or at the end of classes in the evening.  (Before 5:00 PM or after 7:30 PM)
At the time of your orientation lesson, we can fill out the necessary paper work, and receive your first tuition payment.  Your orientation lesson is a private or semiprivate class.  You will learn your first few karate techniques and become familiar with class procedures.  This also gives you a chance to meet the instructors, see the karate school, and ask any questions you might have about karate.

If you are planning on starting karate training, you might want to start preparing your body by doing a few push ups and sit ups. Karate involves training the body and physical conditioning.
Your karate Uniform
You can purchase your uniform (karate gi) at BK, or if you already have a uniform, you may wear that.  Everyone wears a karate uniform during class.
Tuition payments
Our preferred method of payment is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).  This payment is automatically transferred on a date you pick each month.  We also accept cash tuition payments, in advance, for the year.

You may call 601-268-1108 to find out our current tuition rates.

BK Black Belts in Okinawa, Japan:  Left to Right, front row:  Pope Huff, Lisa Huff, Joanna Burnside.  Back row:  David Collins, Biljac Burnside, Hans Van Houten, JJ Crawley

BK Members with Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro, Hanshi Dan Smith, and Sensei Warren Berto, Spring 2004, Hattiesburg

Burnside Karate members with Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro,
June 2012, Jackson, MS

L to R, Front Row:  Wes Cameron, Hanshi Shimabukuro, David Collins. 
Back:  CG Marx, Pope Huff, Lisa Huff, Joanna Burnside, JJ Crawley, Biljac Burnside, Mitch Brumfield.