Chief Instructor
Renshi Biljac Burnside
Rokyudan (Sixth Degree Black Belt)

In Okinawa, 1988
Renshi Biljac Burnside, 6th degree black belt - Rokyudan, is the head instructor of Burnside Karate.  BK is the oldest karate dojo in south Mississippi.  Renshi Burnside began his karate training under Mike Graham, a local kick boxer, at a USM continuing education class in fall of 1977.  Burnside was the founding president of the first karate club at USM with his second instructor John Chioco.  In 1982, Burnside became chief instructor of Hattiesburg Karate School.  Later, in 1984, he opened his own dojo in downtown Hattiesburg on Front Street next to the old Love Drug Store. 

In 1984 Burnside began
his study of Seibukan Shorin-ryu with Sensei Dan Smith.  Since then Burnside has traveled with Hanshi Smith to Okinawa, Japan several times for intense study and training with some of the world's greatest martial artists.  

Renshi Burnside has taught many programs over the years at USM, YMCA,
and the Hattiesburg Boy's & Girl's Club.  He has hosted ten Seibukan Summer Camps, and seven annual fund-raisers for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Established in 1984, Burnside Karate has produced hundreds of karate champions. They range from local winners to state, regional, national champs, and one world champion. 
A member of the Seibukan USA Chief Instructors Council, Burnside was inducted to the "Seibukan Hall of Fame" at the 2010 Seibukan National Training and Hall of Fame Banquet awards ceremony.  In May of 2011, he was promoted to Renshi (expert instructor) and Rokyudan (sixth degree). 

BK Black Belts
Biljac Burnside, Rokyudan
Joanna Burnside, Godan
Pope Huff, Yondan
Lisa Cohen Huff, Yondan
C G Marx, Sandan
Hans Van Houten, Nidan

Wes Cameron, Shodan

David Collins, Shodan
Mitch Brumfield, Nidan
Mitch Murphy, Shodan
Scott Walters, Shodan
Matthew Edwards, Shodan
Angela Jones, Shodan
Jimmy Richardson, Shodan
Chad Cooley, Shodan
Michael Barnard, Shodan                                          
Iakov Kouchnir, Shodan
Richard Fullen, Shodan
Ross Randell, Shodan
Hobbie Regan, Shodan
Danny Watson, Shodan
Debra Dunn, Shodan
Jack Simmons, Shodan
Ronald Hinton, Shodan
Eric Prehn, Shodan
Sam Bateman, Shodan

BK  Junior Black Belts:
Jordan Jones

In Okinawa, Oct. 2012, with Zenshun Shimabukuro

In Jackson at National Training, June 2012