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Seibukan lineage

The following is a historical lineage of the Seibukan Shorin-ryu forms. This lineage chart shows that the forms practiced at Burnside Karate can be traced back to their origins through six generations of karate-ka. Little has changed in these forms since their origins and they are still practiced at Seibukan Karate of Hattiesburg.  Seibukan Shorin-ryu is true "authentic Okinawan karate."

Chotoku Kyan (1870-1945) is the sensei we trace our karate heritage to, and the history of his having held any "rank" is unknown. He learned the katas below, in their original form, from the historically significant karate men listed.  Kyan Sensei is also credited for creating the kata ANANKU.
  Kata                                   Origin
WANSU                               Maeda Pechin            
SEISAN                               Matsumura Sokon  (c.1809-1899)
PASSAI                               Oyadomari Kokan  (1827-1905)             
GOJUSHIHO                      Matsumura Sokon
CHINTO                              Matsumora Kosaku  (1829-1898)                                
KUSANKU                          Yara Pechin (c. 1740-1812)                      
TOKUMINE NO KUN       Tokumine Pechin

Hanshi Zenryo Shimabukuro (1908-1969) 10th dan, learned the above kata from Kyan Sensei during the ten years he trained under him.  Zenryo studied with Kyan longer than any other student of Kyan.  During his lifetime Zenryo Sensei created one kata named WANCHIN.  He passed these katas unchanged down to his son, Zenpo Shimabukuro.
(more info: Zenryo Shimabukuro)
Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro, 10th dan, (b.1943) is the supreme instructor of Seibukan Shorin-ryu and is the president of the International Okinawan Shorin-ryu Seibukan Karate-do Association.  He was recently named head of the Okinawan Rengokai.  As a young man his father, Zenryo, sent him for additional training with Nakama Chozo. Zenpo Sensei learned the five Pinan katas, three Naifanchi katas, Jion, and Passai Quai from Nakama Sensei.
(more info:  Zenpo Shimabukuro)

Hanshi Dan Smith, 9th dan, (b. 1946) is one of only two non-Okinawans to ever be promoted to Hanshi.  Smith can be credited for bringing Seibukan to the United States. He has spent most of his karate life spreading the word of Seibukan worldwide.  Sensei Smith has created katas, including DOROKYU and KIGAN and is the President of Seibukan USA.  Smith is one of the most knowledgeable martial artists in the United States.  He has a vast wealth of information to share with all Seibukan students.  Students in the USA are lucky to have such a great teacher. Dan Smith began his lifelong study of Okinawan Karate when he lived on Okinawa, where he first trained in Seibukan Karate with Zenryo Shimabukuro - founder of Seibukan Karate. Zenryo was trained exclusively by karate legend Kyan Chotoku. Smith is the senior student of Zenpo Shimabukuro, Zenryo's son and inheritor of Seibukan Karate.  He has been a student of Seibukan for more than forty years, returning every year to Okinawa to train.  He is co-author along with Zenpo Shimabukuro of "Shorin Ryu Seibukan (Kyan's Karate)."  Hanshi Smith has been studying Matayoshi Kobudo since 1975. He studied directly from Matayoshi Shinpo until his death in 1997. Then began studying with Seisho Itokazu in 2004.  He has studied all the weapons of Matayoshi Kobudo with Matayoshi Shinpo and the empty hand fighting methods of Kingai Ryu, which the Matayoshi family style created. Hanshi Smith is the Chief Instructor for Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai USA.   (Chinkuchi - by Dan Smith)

Renshi Biljac Burnside, 6th dan, (b. 1956)  began his study of Seibukan Shorin-ryu with Sensei Dan Smith in 1984.  Since then Burnside has traveled with Hanshi Smith to Okinawa, Japan several times for intense study and training with Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro and some of the world's greatest martial artist.  Students of Renshi Burnside are currently training at Anatomies in Hattiesburg.

(More information can be found in the following book:  Shorin Ryu Seibukan: Kyan's Karate - by Shimabukuro and Smith.)

Chotoku Kyan  (1870-1945)


Hanshi Zenryo Shimabukuro (1908-1969)

Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro with his son Zenshun

Hanshi Dan Smith with Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro at the Jagaru Dojo

Renshi, Biljac Burnside in Okinawa, Japan 1988