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BK Photo Gallery (click on pictures to enlarge)

BK at SNT 2016
Seibukan National Training 2016

2015 Challenge Okinawa - We did 101 katas!

Sensei Zenshun Shimabukuro, with Chief Instructors and Dojo Senseis - SNT 2015

Seibukan National Training 2015 - Instructed by Zenshun Shimabukuro

Advanced Training with Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro,
Coal Mountain Dojo JUNE 3-5, 2014

2014 Rengokai Symposium - June 6-7, 2014

Seibukan USA National Training, 2013

BK Members with Hanshi Shimabukuro - at the Seibukan National Training, 2012

Seibukan Black Belts with Hanshi Zenpo Shimabukuro at the Seibukan National Training, 2012

Burnside Karate Award Night, July 8, 2014
L to R:  seated below - Dawson Nobles; First row seated - Lisa Huff, Pope Huff, Biljac Burnside, Joanna Burnside, CG Marx; Back row - Wes Cameron, JJ Crawley, Tammy Pigott, David Collins

Burnside Karate Awards Banquet
May 30, 2013

Special Recognition for attending the 50th Anniversary of Seibukan in Okinawa, Japan.  L-R:  Pope Huff, Biljac Burnside, Lisa Huff, JJ Crawley, David Collins, Joanna Burnside  (not pictured: Hans Van Houten)

Roundhouse Kick Award - Davey French and Dakota Slade with Sensei Burnside

Technical Excellence Award - Sensei Burnside and Kros Sivley (not pictured - Jourdan Hatcher)

Best Attendance - David Collins, Jacob Wakeland, Justin Wakeland and Sensei Burnside (not pictured - Brooke Blanks)

Ten-year Award - Mitch Brumfield (not pictured - Brett Hutto and Beverly Hutto)
Five-year Award - Ainsley Bruton, JJ Crawley, Hollie Craft (not pictured - Savanah Wise)

Black Belt Rank Test, 2011

Black Belt Rank Test, 2010

Black Belt Rank Test, 2009

Black Belt Rank Test, 2007

May 31, 2012 - First night of class at the Old Hwy 11 dojo