Burn The Confederate Flag Day

Burn the Confederate Flag Day is a protest against the right's exploitation of racial prejudice for political gain.  We urge you to burn the Confederate flag, a long-time symbol of racial hatred, on Sept 12, the date when the racially-divisive Tea Party holds its annual hate fest.

A few videos and photos.

Burn a Confederate Flag Day - Joplin

Burn a Confederate Flag Day - Midwest

Burn a Confederate Flag Day

My Burn the Confederate Flag Day experience:

I took a partially burned flag to a local event. Had a few comments from about a dozen or so people who I assume were from southern Washington (I suppose the War of Northern Aggression has forever psychically scarred the proud southerners of Walla Walla). No problems--the police decided to stay close to me.

Ways to get involved:
  • Host a flag-burning party on Sept. 12.
    • Tell us where and when you're holding it, and we'll publish a list of events.
    • Send us photos of the event. We'll post them here.
    • Upload a video of the event onto YouTube. We'll embed it or link to it.
  • Let them know we're watching. Dress up like a clown and take a partially  burned flag to a local tea party event (Don't burn a flag at the event unless local laws allow it.)
  • Spread the word via Facebook (here's our Facebook group), Twitter, and other social media.
  • Submit your own ideas, below in the comments. We'll use them to update this list.
  • Place a banner on your blog, website, or social media profile. Here are a couple of examples you can use: