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posted Oct 22, 2010, 11:26 AM by Burn Pits
 I was stationed at BALAD Iraq in 2008. When I first arrived I saw the burn pit and said to myself this can't be good. I lived in H5 housing and worked in the same area across from DEFAS #1. While there I coughed constantly and even passed out once in the chow hall. I was sent to the TMC and of course they didn't find anything wrong with me. When I got home I continued to cough, sometimes I thought I was not going to get my breath again. I have since been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, Skin lesions the VA can't really seem to find out what it is, sleep apnea, and I shake like I am an old man. I am also taking more medicine than I have ever taken. By all this happening in 2 short years I wonder how much time I still have left before I take my last breath. Thanks alot KBR!