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LTC Ripley

posted Apr 22, 2010, 1:02 PM by Burn Pits
I was first at COP Meade, Camp Stryker, Camp Liberty, and Camp Victory from 2008 through 2009.  They had my CHU next to the Burn Pit on the downwind side.

When I got back to the De-MOB station they done an endoscopy and Colonoscopy and learned I had severe esophagitis, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, gastritis and more hearing loss from a result of a VBIED.  The immediately went into immediate denial and claimed I was born with those problems or that doctors where totally and completely incompetent to not discover that during the 32 years I have been in military service.  So every LOD they wrote was EPTS (Existing Prior to Service).

I went to Germany and when I came back I wound up in ICU in a civilian hospital for chest pains.  Tests showed I have 70% blockage in one of th coronary arteries, sleep apnea with hypoxemia, overproduction of red blood cells, deficiency in Vitamin B-12, B-6, D, and Folic Acid where I have to take prescription strength Folic Acid and will have to take B-12 shots once a week for the rest of my life.  I will have to go to Fort Bragg for a Fit for Duty Physical this next week.

I am now hearing stories that tbe burn pit issue is nothing but a bunch of damned lies as a political campaign, and that every soldier, sailor, airman and marine that wore the uniform and served is making all this up for a handout.  The same story they created on agent Orange, and the Gulf War Syndrome.

The problem with that theory they are coming up with, not all military personnel knows each other as there are too many.  There are also too many people affected, and too many that are now dead.

They are suspecting firbrosis of the lungs and want that tested out.  So we will soon see if whether that will be honored or I have to pay for those tests out of pocket as I did on getting hearing aids calibrated.

We need KBR to own up and stick their corporate officers into that type of environment for a year as we had to endure.  Only then with their own necks on the line will it get cleaned up and the denial stuff will end.