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posted Nov 5, 2009, 7:28 AM by Burn Pits
I arrived at Joint Base Balad, formerly known as Camp Anaconda in March 2008, and needless to say we all have the same issues as to what we smelled and what we saw.  I have been home 11 months now and I want to make a statement about this issue.
First off keep a good record of how your feeling.  You may not notice anything at first.  I started getting shortness of breath and just thought that it was the humidity in our air here in Indiana.  I got a respiratory infection once I was home that turned into bronchitis.  It took me OVER a month to clear that up.  I had a cough from day one from leaving Iraq, and could not understand this or why I was doing this?  Blamed it on the weather.  My cough got so bad I contacted the VA and said this is not normal and I want to have my lungs tested...pulmonary function test was ordered...I failed it and found out I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).  I now use an inhaler and my breathing is worse at night, because I wheeze now.  I came home at the end of November by March I had another issue, my colon.  I was 47 at the time and had to do a colonoscopy 3 years earlier than I should have.  Found out I had polyps and a tear in my colon.  It is now November and I cannot seem to understand why I have still a colon issue.  Now my esophagus is a problem.  I had another cold back a few months ago and lost my voice for 3 full weeks. I had bronchitis again.  Could not shake it.  I am scheduled for another colon scope since I have this issue and also to have my throat checked out.  My esophagus is closing up and I may have to have it stretched back out.  NO ONE in my family has ever had an issue like this.  I blame this on the effects of the burn pit.  My memory and forgetfulness is a REAL problem for me.  I can't seem to remember anything.  So I guess anyone's secrets are safe with me I would forget easily after a few days.  I have other issues I just wanted to list a few. 

Take photos of the burn pits for your own personal records they would prove very helpful later on.  Keep researching all that you can on this issue, there are long lists of what soldiers are reporting that is wrong with them.  I have to write mine down or I will forget.  Not that a person can but my memory won't allow me anymore to recall things like I once did. 

Life if going to be challenging and many of us may not live a full life due to our new found health issue.  But from one soldier to all you others we fought a good battle and we should keep each other in our prayers.  God Bless you all and keep up the good fight and take care of your health.