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Rinnai Water Heaters

rinnai water heaters
    water heaters
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Gypsy Climbs Up a Billboard
Gypsy Climbs Up a Billboard
More photos in the comments. Michelle, aka Gypsy Mermaid climbed up on the Hot Water Guys billboard in her Santa Suit to promote their thankless water heaters. She managed to stay up for about an hour and a half even though it was very cold up there and she was wearing 5 inch heels on her knee high boots.
Heater venting to basement
Heater venting to basement
Ooops. When they installed our new Rinnai hot water heater, BNG forgot to cap off the old hot water heater vent. I made it to Home Depot with 5 mintues to spare to get a b-vent cap and carbon monoxide detector.

rinnai water heaters
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