Rating Hot Water Heaters

rating hot water heaters
    water heaters
  • (water heater) a heater and storage tank to supply heated water
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Eyballing old tube for new length
Eyballing old tube for new length
Here, the old pressure relief tube was long enough to be measured and cut, then joined with a copper coupling, to form the new tube. Cost: 69 cents for the coupling. You certainly may use a PVC pipe rated for hot water, or a galvanized, or even a black pipe here since it will not have standing water in it. This tube is just in case your heater becomes over-pressurized and the relief valve dumps the pressure out this tube and onto the floor or into the pan. Most codes call for the end of the be no more than 6 inches off the floor or higher than a drain. Sometimes these pipes are plumbed a distance, to reach a drain, especially when the heater is on a second floor. When I soldered my cold water shutoff onto the tank, I faced it towards the opposite side of this pressure relief tube so that if it ever goes off, I stand on the opposite side from the scalding water, to shut the thing off!
70's ad - FAME compact electric heater
70's ad - FAME compact electric heater
This is another kind of compact heater for a point of use or two at least. It works like an electric shower, its coil heater (or sheathed heater) is the same, but almost all compact heaters have just one heating level instead of various levels as showers use to have. It's very economic, because it provides hot water in comfortable heating levels for use without the need of blending it with cold water and it also can work with low of high pressure. As it doesn't require too much pressure, it also can save water too. Normally those devices are rated at 3.2 kW, but it's possible to find units with 5.4 kW for cold places.

rating hot water heaters
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