Portable Heater For Cars

portable heater for cars
  • easily or conveniently transported; "a portable television set"
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  • of a motor designed to be attached to the outside of a boat's hull; "a portable outboard motor"
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wrong turn
wrong turn
i'm not entirely sure, but i think all of my personal belongings have been relocated to this gnarly old house in the middle of nowhere overnight. either they're here, or in some mysterious fabled storage unit somewhere. whatever the case, i'm apparently between homes at the moment. uh, i've been tagged like a thousand times, most recently by emmakatka, i think. so i'm gunna give you...ten things i plan to do this summer, i guess. here goes nuthin: 1) find a place to live. hopefully if i work enough hours at that awful roadside fruit stand i'll be able to afford an old winnebago, & hopefully after that i can get a real job & set it up on the beach where i belong. & maybe then i'll make some friends & i'll buy a hookah & we'll lay around & smoke & be douchebags together. & then they'll help me paint it glow-in-the-dark. 2) go to the desert. arizona, or nevada, or new mexico. or california even, whatever. i hope i get a pet tarantula. & i hope i see a scorpion. & i hope i buy some snakeskin boots. ha, that'd be awesome. 3) sleep on the roof of a house. like, get drunk up there maybe & watch the sunset & stare at the stars all night, & watch the sun rise. & then go get some breakfast. at denny's probably. 4) learn to throw knives. possibly join the circus. or i could just do roadside tarot/palm readings. whatever. i should learn to read tea leaves too. 5) have an epic 4th of july. that's all i'm gunna say about that. EPIC. the end. 6) watch every dennis hopper movie ever made, ever. possibly get a portable projector & watch them outside on a sheet tied to some trees. or we could watch the wizard of oz while listening to the dark side of the moon & get really fucked up on some kind of psychedelic drugs. or maybe we shouldn't do that, ha. 7) spend full moon nights outside & awake until morning, mostly just driving. 8) make bunches of dresses. take bunches of pictures. write bunches of stories. 9) get a driver's license. seriously. fuck, i need a credit card too. fuck. 10) go abandoned house camping. let's find an abandoned mansion & pretend it's our house for a week. we'll cook on a fire pit or a portable gas stove & use candles at night. shut up, it's gunna be awesome. daang, this shit don't even scratch the surface. p.s. this picture is old as hell.
In honor of Loki, 1995 - 2008. He loved that portable quartz heater! He was also smart--he figured out that if he spun the wheel of an upside-down bicycle with his mouth, it rotated (and was interesting). Then he figured out the cause-and-effect of the pedals. He would spin the pedals with his mouth or arm, and watch the tire spin. In several apartments, we had wall furnaces. He loved heaters so much, he would plop right in front of them and be upset when they didn't "click on" for him. In one stubborn unit, we had to reach under the front and flip a switch to get it to come on. he observed this, and would stick his arm underneath any wall-mount furnace he had, with a self-satisfied look whenever they clicked on (via the thermostat, of course, but he thought he was doing it). So, even with portable heaters, he would often reach out to touch them to get them to 'come back on' when they powered down. He wasn't impressed by cat toys, got car sick easily, and had a purring-meow. He could also open full-sized doors (with sideways handles), drawers, and cabinets, and was known to slam cabinet doors (wanting something), then he would look over to make eye contact with you, and slam some more until his point was made. Loki was rescued from the southern California desert and lived with us for 13 years before passing away due to complications with his kidneys. He was a VERY big cat (tall at the shoulder, with a big, long frame). The doctor felt he had acquired some kind of hereditary weakness in his kidneys--that it wasn't diet or environmentally related.

portable heater for cars
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