Fan Heater Efficiency

fan heater efficiency
    fan heater
  • A fan heater is a heater that works by using a fan to pass air over a heating element. This heats up the air, which then leaves the heater, warming up the surrounding area. They can provide very rapid heating of a room, however may be relatively noisy in operation.
  • A fan heater is a convection heater incorporating fan forced air circulation to provide much quicker and more even heat distribution.
  • The state or quality of being efficient
  • the ratio of the output to the input of any system
  • skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort; "she did the work with great efficiency"
  • An action designed to achieve this
  • The ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in
  • (efficient) effective: able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively; "people who will do nothing unless they get something out of it for themselves are often highly effective persons"-G.B.Shaw; "effective personnel"; "an efficient secretary"; "the efficient cause of the revolution"

QY20B truck crane
QY20B truck crane
Place of OriginJiangsu, China (Mainland) Brand NameXCMG Model NumberQY20B Rated Lifting Moment833kn,m Rated Loading Capacity20ton Max. Lifting Load22ton Max. Lifting Height39.9M FeatureTruck Crane Minimum Order Quantity:Negotiable Trial Order Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set/SetsTrial Order Port:shanghai,tianjin Packaging Details:Bulk crago,Roro,flat rack container. Delivery Time:in 5 days Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union Supply Ability:500 Set/Sets per Year QY20B Truck Crane uses self-made truck crane special chassis, with powerful engine and fully-covered decking plate. Main and auxiliary winches realize low speed with heavy load and high speed with light load, high working efficiency. 4-section telescopic boom of all-round boom profile, 1-section side-mounted jib, single cylinder for front support elevating, fully hydraulic drive, and double H-shaped outriggers. Well-equipped safety devices such as automatic load moment limiter (AML), overload and over-wind cut-out device, etc., greatly improved safety in operatitandard, fan, heater and air conditioner equipped acc. to requirement. Driver’s cab is left semi-mounted, fitted with damping and adjustable seat. Operator’s cab is right semi-mounted, equipped with LCD monitor for display of crane various motions. Main Technical Specificationson. Two cabs ergonomically designed conform to ISO s Technical Data for Lifting Operation ClassificatoryItemUnitParameter EngineModel6C250-2 Outline dimensionOverall lengthmm12000 Overall widthmm2500 Overall heightmm3300 Wheel baseAxle 1mm5000 Axle 2, Axle 3mm1350 TrackFront wheel (Axle 1)mm2090 Rear wheel (Axle 2, Axle 3)mm1865 MassTotal mass in travel statekg24850 Axle loadAxle 1kg6998 Axle 2, Axle 3kg17980 Travel performanceTravel speedMax. travel speedkm/h72 Min. stable travel speedkm/h4 Turning diameterMin. turning diameterm20 Min. turning diameter at boom tipm24 Min. ground clearancemm270 Approach angle(°)21 Departure angle(°)11 Braking distance (at 30km/h with full load)m9.5 Max. grade-ability%35 Exterior noise at accelerationdB(A)88 Fuel consumption for 100kmL35 PowerEngine rated outputkW/(r/min)184/2200 Engine rated torqueN.m/( r/min)958/1400 Engine Rated speedr/min2200 Main Technical Data for Lifting Operation ClassificatoryItemUnitParameter Lifting performanceMax. total rated lifting capacityt20 Min. rated working radiusm3 Turning radius at turntable tailm3.38 Max. load momentBase boomkN.m833 Fully extended boomkN.m458.6 Outrigger spanLongitudinalm4.97 Lateralm5.4 Lifting heightBase boomm10.2 Fully extended boomm31.7 Fully extended boom + Jibm39.9 Boom lengthBase boomm10.1 Fully extended boomm31.2 Fully extended boom + Jibm31.2+8.15 Working speedBoom raising times75 Boom full extension times95 Max. swing speedr/min3 Hoist speed (single line at 3rd layer)Main winchFull loadm/min40 No loadm/min90 Aux. winchFull loadm/min30 No loadm/min60 Noise limitCrane exterior noisedB (A)?118 At seated positiondB (A)?90
The evaporative cooling element at the Roxanne Molnar Farm, in Grantville, PA, recycles water through the elements to capture air drawn through it on Thursday, April 21, 2011. The Molnar’s were recipients of a $20,000 Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant. The money is a portion of the cost to modernize the second of two 40,000 chicken capacity chicken houses. Chickens need to be kept at a comfortable temperature to remain productive. New radiant heaters keep the chickens warm during Pennsylvania winters. On warm days, ceiling vents provide passive venting of heat out of the building; when chicken house temperatures are estimated to be above 90 degrees, fans come on, pulling air through water evaporator elements lowering air temperature down 10-15 degrees and flows along the chicken house's length, in effect a tunnel of cooled air. The benefits to the chickens are heat and excess moisture removal; minimized dust and odor; limits buildup of ammonia and carbon dioxide; and provides oxygen for respiration. All these systems are computer controlled allowing owner, Roxanne Molnar to run the farm by herself and raise two small boys Gavin (2) and Grant (5). Husband, Matthew works off the farm and frequently travels, so along with the demands of parenting and manually controlling fans, vents, and having to remove the 80,000 chickens from their feeders and moving them around to cool them was an increasingly daunting task. The computer controls of the new system automate many of the daylong tasks allowing the Molnar’s to run their family farm. USDA Photography by Lance Cheung.

fan heater efficiency
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