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Burning Plastic

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Burning Plastic is a unique multiple player tabletop strategy game that uses simple plastic soldiers as troops. The rules are simple and are easy to understand.  Burning Plastic uses intense game play and strategy to become enjoyable to anyone. Players can use a living room floor to a highly detailed war gaming table.


Getting started


Before you get started you have to obviously get some plastic army men. These can be bought at most dollar stores, Wal Mart, and Toys R Us. Make sure you buy two different colors. Such as green and tan.

            The next step is setting up you playing area. We prefer to use a table because you can sit around. This makes it the most comfortable. However it is possible to use a clear floor as well. If you don’t want to spend money on expensive terrain there are many household items you can use such as; putting piles of books under a natural color blanket or table cloth. This will create hill in the surface for which your troops can fight on. You can use toilet paper rolls, blocks books, tissue boxes or anything else you have. All these items can create cover from which your soldiers can hide behind.        

            The last things you need before your battle begins are rulers for how many players there are. You can also use a tape measure. You also need two six sided die per person. The purpose for these items will be explained later.


Game types


Before you start you have to select the games objective or game type. A list of game types is shown below.


Elimination- All the opposing troops have to be eliminated.


Capture the flag- Offensive force has to take the defenders flag and bring it back to friendly lines. They opposing force can do this by having one of his models touch whatever the players choose to use as a flag. The model is now the flag carrier. If he gets eliminated, place the flag in the same spot he was shot. Now another man can pick the flag up and continue its journey to friendly lines. Once the flag reaches the player’s flag he is declared the winner.


Extraction- A small group of soldiers has to move from one side of the field to another, while fighting a larger force.


Conquest- Conquest is a large-scale war that includes a series of smaller battles within it. Each player sets up a city on different tables. Then, they have the choice to set up first lines of defense in front of the city. Once an army gets to its opposing city and causes the resistance to retreat, or eliminates them all, the city is the attacker’s. If the defending army retreats from the city they are still in the game but have nothing to defend, unless they captured another city. The first army to capture all the cities wins.



How To Play




Movement- When it is a player's turn it is the time of game where they can move their men. They can move all of their soldiers or only a couple. Certain types of units can move certain distances. Measure the distances with a ruler or tape measurer. Once a unit is moved it cannot be moved until the next turn. Below is a chart of the units and their distances.



Infantry- 12 inches

Transport vehicles- 24 inches

Tanks- 20 inches

Helicopters- 28 inches

Planes-36 inches

Artillery pieces- 12 inches- Has to be attached to jeep. The Jeep has to be touching the artillery in order for it to latch on. Once the artillery piece is moved, it cannot shoot in the same turn because it has to be set up.

LAV- 24 inches


Firing- Also during a players turn is the chance for their units to fire their weapons at his enemy. Each weapon has a specific range. This is how far they can be shot. In order for a unit to score a hit they have to roll two 6-sided dice. If the sum of the dice is under the maximum attack number it is a hit. A hit is an automatic kill for an infantry unit. In order for a soldier to fire upon another, the soldier he chooses to fire upon must be in his line of sight (los). You can tell if the target is in the soldier’s line of sight if you put you eye right above your soldier’s helmet. If a friendly soldier is in front of the soldier a player wishes to shoot with the other soldier has to move out of the way. When a solider is behind cover anyone who chooses to fire at him will be reduced by two. If a soldier is in a pillbox, the attack is reduces by three. If a soldier is behind a bush, the attack is reduced by 1. But when a soldier is out in the open the attack isn’t subtracted. Below is a list of the attack number for each unit.


Returning fire- If a player’s soldier tries to kill an opposing soldier and it is a miss, the opposing soldier has the right to return fire. You cannot return fire with anyone else. When the opposing soldier returns fire he can kill the soldier that attacked him. When he does, his attack is reduced by 3. The soldier can still move and shoot the next turn as well. Subtract one attack point when returning fire.




Maximum Attack Rolls

Rifleman- 8 and below

Sniper- 9 and below

LMG- 7 and below- hits anything an inch adjacent from intended target. LMGs can shoot twice in the same turn.

SMG- 7 and below- hits anything an inch adjacent from intended target. They can shoot twice in the same turn but only at the same target.

Grenade- 7 and below- blast radius of 1 inch (cover does not affect attack roll)

Anti Tank Rocket- 7 and below- blast radius of 1-½ inches (When shooting at man behind cover, blast radius extends forward only.)

Tank- 7 and below- blast radius of 3 inches

Flame thrower- 9 and below (8 inch cone)

Artillery- 7 and below- 2-inch blast radius

Pistol- 7 and below

Missile from plane- 8 or below- destroys buildings- blast radius of 3 inches

Helicopter- 8 or below- destroys buildings- blast radius of 4 inches

HMG- 8 or below- Can kill soldiers an inch away from main target unless they are behind cover. They can also shoot soldiers that are 2 inches behind their target. They can shoot 3 times in the same turn.

M203 Grenade Launcher- 7 and below explode on impact- 1 inch blast radius

Mortar- 8 and below – 1 ½ blast radius


Weapon Ranges

Rifleman- 2’

Sniper- 3’

LMG- 2’6”

SMG- 1’6”

Grenade- 8”

Anti Tank Rocket- 1’6”

Tank- 3’

Flame thrower – 8”

Artillery- 4’

Pistol- 1’

HMG- 3’

M203 Grenade Launcher- 1’

Mortar- 3’


Melee fights- If one of your soldiers gets to close to an enemy, they can engage in hand to hand combat. In order for them to be engaged in hand to hand combat both players roll a dice. Who ever has the highest number wins the battle. If a soldier has a hatchet add one to number you rolled.


Special Units

Leader- +1 attack for troops in 12" area (Has an SMG as a weapon)

Binoculars- +1 to attack with range >3 (Has a pistol as a weapon)

Engineer- can destroy obstacles; Charge detonates the turn after it is place (Has an SMG as a weapon)

Medic- Convert eliminated soldiers to back to health in the same turn the soldier is eliminated. (Has an SMG as a weapon

Mine detector- locates mines; deactivate a 3" path per turn

Minefields- one attack of 7 on all men vehicles during the movement

Barbed wire- blocks infantry, can be destroyed by engineers, tanks, guns

Tank obstacles- blocks vehicles, can be destroyed by engineers

Exploding Weapons- cover does not affect attack roll For artillery, mortar and tanks, unless a soldier in blast radius is behind cover. (Tank cannot destroy cover thicker than half an inch, or concrete.)


Artillery Rule- If a target isn’t in the artillery’s los it can be fired of. However if it is in the los of spotter (Binoculars) it can be fired upon by the artillery.


Miscellaneous Notes

A 2 always eliminates its target and a natural 12 always misses.

Automatic weapons jam on a roll of 12.  Can be fixed by rolling a 7 or less next turn

At least 50% of a target must be within a blast area to be hit.

Most tanks and planes may fire LMGs in addition to their other armaments.

There is a 50% chance that a flame-thrower will explode ( 3" blast ) if hit.

Artillery destroys all vehicles with one shell.

Soldiers can put grenades in the hatch of a tank by counting the distance up the tank then rolling a 9 or below.


Attack modifiers

Behind cover –2

Flamethrowers and grenades are –0

Flying planes can only be attacked by MGs and aa guns.

Inside pillbox –3

Flamethrowers are –0

Range >3 –1

From lower elevation –1

From higher elevation +1

From behind +1

Helicopters can be destroyed by rifles and anti tank rockets.


Squad Special Ability- If a soldier is in a squad, his movement is added by 2. You can tell a soldier is in a squad if they are 6 inches away from 2 other soldier.


Transport Vehicle Rules- If soldiers wish to board a transport they are taken off the field. When they want to get back on they are put around the transport, and can move in the same turn. If they are in a transport and wish to fire, they must subtract three from their maximum attack. If a soldier is in a transport he counts as being in cover. Jeeps and humvees are allowed 4 passengers. Transport trucks are allowed 6. Jeeps and humvees have a HMG armament. Transports have no armament.


Vehicle Damage


Tank- 2 tank shells, 3 anti tank rockets, 1 missile from either helicopter or plane, 1 Flamethrower- can be put out by engineers, 5 grenades to destroy a tank


LAV- 1 tank gun, 2 anti tank rockets, 1 missile from helicopter or plane, 1 flamethrower can be put out by engineers, 3 grenades to destroy an lav.


Jeep/ Truck- 1 tank shell, 1 anti tank rocket, 1 missile from helicopter or plane, 1 flamethrower (can be put out by engineers) 2 grenades.


Helicopter- 3 AA guns, 2 anti tank rocket (-2 attack), 1 missile, and 6 bullets.


Plane- 2 AA gun, 1 missile, 4 mg bullets.



Bomber- 3 AA gun, 2 missiles, 5 mg bullets.


Artillery-Anything but bullets destroys artillery. Engineers can place chargers on it.


Paratrooper Rules- We have included rules for paratroopers to make the game as realistic as possible. In order for your army to have paratroopers you must have a large plane, usually anything but a fighter. In order for your paratrooper to land on the target you have to roll a certain number. A 1 to 3 is on target, 4 to 7 is 3 inches from target, A 8 to 11 is 5 inches away from target. If you roll a 12 your paratrooper’s ripcord is broken and they fall to their death. (Add 1 more point to the point value of the soldier you want to be a paratrooper.)


Smoke Grenade Rules- Smoke Grenades have reinvented tactics in the twentieth century. We have included them in Burning Plastic to make the game as realistic as possible. If you have equipped one of your soldiers with a smoke grenade, the can use them as temporary cover. In order to make a smoke grenade take one cotton ball and spread it out as far as you can. This will make a smoke grenade effect. The smoke grenade lasts for two turns, and the soldier who threw it cannot shoot in the same turn. However, any troops can shoot through the smoke, but need to roll a three or below in order to make a hit. I a soldier is using an automatic weapon he must roll a 4 and below because he can spray bullets into the smoke. Take the smoke of the field when not in use.


Point system

In order for armies to be fair we have developed a point system. Each unit is worth a different amount of points. For example, say a rifleman is worth one point and an Lmg is worth 3 points. For this particular game a player has a maximum of five points to spend on units. He could either spend it on a rifleman and Lmg, which equals five points, or he could spend it on 5 riflemen and so on. Below is a list of each unit and their point values.


Small Scale Battles- 30- points

Medium Scale Battles- 50 to 75 points

Large Scale Battles- 100+ points




Point Values Per Unit (infantry)

Rifleman- 1 point

Smg- 2 points

Lmg- 3 points

Hmg- 4 points

Sniper- 3 points

Anti tank- 3 points

Grenadier- 2 points

Flamethrower- 4 points

Mortar- 4points

Binoculars- 1 point


Point Values Per Unit (Vehicles)

Tank- 7 points

Lav-6 points


Plane- 9 points

Helicopter- 8 points

Bomber- 12 points

Artillery- 7 points

Mobile Artillery- 8 points



Soldier Upgrades

Red Dot Sight (Sniper excluded)- +1 points

M203 grenade launcher (Rifleman only)- +1 points

Dragon skin Body Armor- +2 points

12x Magnification Scope (snipers only)- +1 points

Ghille Suit (Snipers only)- +1 points

Hatchet- +1 point


Purpose of soldier upgrade

Red Dot Sight- adds 1 attack to the soldier

M203- Soldier can fire grenades at longer range. He has the grenade launcher along with his rifle

Dragon Skin Body Armor- reduces the attack of a soldier who targets the wearer

12x Magnification Scope- adds 1 attack to a sniper

Ghille Suit- If a sniper is more than a foot away from a soldier, and the soldier wishes to fire upon the sniper he must first spot the sniper. He can do this by rolling a 7 and below. If he is spotted, the whole army can knows were he is not just the soldier wishing to fire upon him. A binocular soldier can spot a sniper with ease. He has to roll a 9 or below to spot him. If a spotting roll fails, you cannot try again that turn.

Hatchet- increases hand combat by 1


Organizing an Army

If you choose not to use a point system there is another way to make armies fair. This method is when you organize your army. It is a lot easier to keep track of your forces when you do this. Below is a list of the limits of each branch of organization.


Military Branches

Armies- Armies contains two divisions within them

Divisions- Divisions contains two platoons within them.


Platoons- Platoons contains to squads within them


Squads- squads contain 10-14 soldiers within them


Tank Platoons- Tank platoons have 3 tanks or less within them


Jeep convoy- jeep convoys have 5 jeeps or less within them


Plane Squadron- Planes Squadrons contain 3 or less planes


Helicopter Squadron- Helicopter squadrons contain 3 or less helicopters.





















Riflemen                                                       LMG





Sniper                                                       SMG



























Game play Shots



A squad defends a ruined house                             Soldiers take cover behind a tank




Based on the game by Corey Butler “Fighting Plastic” 2000


Changing of the rules DURING game play will result in disqualification from the game