Black Rock City 50k Website

    The Official Black Rock City 50k

    Photo by Jeff ClarkWhat: The FIFTH Burning Man Ultramarathon.

    How: Pull on your running sneakers, grab a bottle of water, your favorite energy snacks, and hit the playa for one of the most unique and insane 50ks out there. Wear whatever you love best while running - whether that's a tutu, sports bra and tights, or nothing at all.

    Where: Black Rock City (Nevada - exact location info here)

    When: Wednesday, August 27th, 5 a.m.

    Who: You! Burners and ultrarunners of all types!

    Why: Because it's fun. Because it's insane. Because it's the ultimate high. Because you want to challenge yourself. Because we are working on really rad finishers' presents! Because the race is a party!

    What else: Pink Lightning will be the race headquarters, start, finish, and aid station. Stop by to view the big map, results, ask questions, or just hang out with some friendly folks. During the race, we'll have cocktails, fun, music, and lots of cheering. Have your friends come to the healthiest party on the playa! Come on by to volunteer, hang out, pace, or run! 

    Also, you need a ticket to Burning Man - even the RD buys one.

    Wait, what: What's Burning Man? Well...kind of like utopian playground for adults.