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Course Map

Start, finish, and aid station at PINK LIGHTNING (wherever they place us...we should know when placement happens, sometime in June or July).

Check out the 2013 map below - exact route will be confirmed once we get placement and on the playa.

The course for 2012 was....
We start at Pink Lightning. Immediately we head right to 7:30. Make a right on 7:30 and head up to good old Esplanade. Head left. Wave to the crowds, smile at the man. Make a left on 10:00. When you get to 10:00 and L, go all the way out to trash fence - running straight. Then make a right when you hit the trash fence. Follow around, keep going, aid station, keep going, until you hit 2:00 and over by the Walk-In Camping. Yep. Run along 2:00, passing all the streets. On Espalande, made a left. Keep going. Stick to Esplanade. Stop for a drink if you feel like it - Kostume Kult members are sponsoring a small aid station. On 7:00, make a left. Then on C, make a right. And we're at 7:15 and C.
Fill up water. Repeat.

As we don't know the exact mileage yet, we're not sure how many laps. We will probably have a slightly incomplete last lap to make it an even 50k.

(Note, this course worked pretty well so we'll probably stay with a slightly similar route for 2013.)
cherie yanek,
Jun 24, 2013, 2:09 PM