And so it begins... 

Not too sure how you've got here. Most probably I linked you, and you're all like "what" and I'm all like "yeah".

Either way, you're here now. Below are some musical ideas that I've been developing for the past few years. Have a listen, and let me know what you think. NOTE: Nothing is finished! These are samples only!

Word of warning, googlepages tends to be uber-gay, and seems to be cutting off a lot of songs before they're finished downloading. So yes, sometimes you only get half a song. Note, that all of the above is by no means finished either. ;)

I'm constantly working on all of the above. Translating my ideas into what you're listening to is a never ending task, so remember to pop back in a couple of months to see any updates (if any).

HAY, ALSO, some mates asked me to record their stuff. So yeah, I'll chuck it up here as I work on their stuffs too. Check it out when you've got halfa.


ALSO before I go,

I've received a little fan mail here and there. It seems my presence on this internets hasn't gone by unnoticed by some. :) I present to you the Archives: