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Exploring and Celebrating the 
History on our Doorstep: 
Burnham Norton Friary

The Norfolk Archaeological Trust has received a grant of £74,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project based at two Trust sites: Tasburgh Camp and Burnham Norton Friary

Thanks to National Lottery players the ‘Imagined Land’ 2-year project will offer local people the chance to explore and celebrate the heritage of the sites at the heart of their communities, through practical research and creative activities.

Burnham Norton Friary

The project will include a programme of archaeological ‘test-pits’ in gardens and fields outside the scheduled monument areas to find out more about the development of these enigmatic sites. 

Tasburgh Earthworks

Archaeological research will then be used as the starting point for creative arts work – writing, music and craft making – culminating in historical pageants devised and created with local communities, including schools.

Over the next  years we will use this site to report on and record all the activities taking place as part of the Burnham Norton project. The site will remain the permanent home for signposting research produced as part of the project. 

Contact: Simon Floyd, Project Manager
Email: imaginedland1@gmail.com 
Tel: 07896 781574 

More information on the Norfolk Archaeological Trust at: www.norfarchtrust.org.uk

October 2017

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Project supporters:

The project is led by Norfolk Archaeological Trust and is supported by: 
Heritage Lottery Fund
Caistor Roman Project
Norfolk Archaeological & Historical Research Group
Historic England
Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society
Writers' Centre Norwich
Norwich Arts Centre
Norfolk County Council (Arts Project Fund)