'Imagined Land'

IMAGINED LAND involved local communities in the discovery and celebration of the heritage of two Trust sites: Tasburgh Camp and Burnham Norton Friary. 

Our aims were to:
  • extend our understanding of the sites through documentary research, test-pitting and geophysical survey. It is hoped that this research will provide the information needed to support excavation as part of future projects.

  • provide opportunities for volunteers to share skills, knowledge and experience across Trust sites. Volunteers from the local Caistor Roman Project assisted with test-pitting at both villages, and in mentoring new volunteers
  • provide alternative ways of engaging with heritage. To extend opportunities for involvement to a wider audience, research material was used as the starting point for creative arts work – writing, music and craft making - culminating in historical pageants devised and created with local communities, including schools.
  • leave a legacy. The project provided new interpretation, created an extended and more committed volunteer group to support the Trust's conservation aims; and has potentially provided the information needed to support further excavation in order to answer research questions at both sites