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- Officers, Specific Duties

The officers of this department shall consist of the
  • President,
  • Vice-President,
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer, Chief,
  • Assistant Chief,
  • Captains (who are appointed by the Chief) and also
  • a three (3) member review board consisting of the Chief, Assistant Chief, and the President.
III.  Specific duties pertaining to the following officers are as described below:

A)  President:
It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings, maintaining order, and conducting it in business-like manner, and sign checks.

B)  Vice-President:
It shall be the duty of the Vice-President, in the absence of the President, to preside at meetings.

C)  Secretary:
It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep records of the department proceedings, and keep a record of attendance of members.

D)  Treasurer:
It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep financial records and to maintain current status in both accounts payable and accounts receivable.

E)  Three (3) Member Review Board:
It shall be the duty of the three member (3) review board, consisting of the Chief, Assistant Chief, and the President, to meet with all new applicants prior to their turning in the complete application packet, at the end of each new member's six month probation period for the purpose of making recommendations to the department of each new member.  It shall also be the duty of the review board to meet upon call of its chairman, to decide upon the limitation of membership in the department and they must make recommendations on requests for leave of absences (leave and return.)  This board shall use discretion in its power to limit membership in the department.  If membership is limited, the Secretary will maintain an active waiting list.

F)  The Fire Chief:
The Fire Chief (FC is the chief officer of Burnet Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD).   The FC is answerable to the BVFD members and the Emergency Services District #7 Commission, and is the focal point of the elected officers.  The FC is elected by vote per current guidelines and is expected to represent all BVFD members and the community.  The FC is expected to provide full cooperation, a positive spirit, and motivation to all members.

1.  The FC's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

       i.   Achieving appropriate moral and ethical standards of performance.
   ii.   Assuring adequate training.
  iii.   Assuring all command offices are meeting their requirements.
   iv.   Assuring staff personal development.
    v.   Assuring adequate policies and procedures are in place.
   vi.   Delegating authority and the related responsibilities.
  vii.   Establishing achievable goals and verifying completion.
 viii.   Providing a safe, healthful, and environmentally sound organization.
   ix.   Providing leadership in all regards.
    x.   Providing the process of continual improvement.
   xi.   Providing clear, open, and honest communications to all.
  xii.   Understanding and satisfying the community's needs of our services.
 xiii.   Verifying compliance with all legal requirements.

2.  The FC's duties include, but are not limited to:

   xiv.    Assuring qualified command officers are in place at all responses.
   xv.    Assuring sufficient manpower is in place at all responses.
  xvi.    Assuring assigned committees/task assignees are meeting requirements.
 xvii.    Assigning staff work to the staff secretary and others as necessary.
xviii.    Being the BVFD focal point of mutual aid communication and agreements.
  xix.    Budget preparation, justification, and implementation.
   xx.    Presiding at, or acting as chairman of all meetings deemed as necessary.
  xxi.    Responding to all structural fires and rescues in district when available. 
 xxii.    Representing the BVFD in professional organizations.
xxiii.    Verifying proper equipment is purchased and maintained.

 xxiv.    Verifying BVFD policies and procedures are enforced.

G)  Assistant Fire Chief:       
The Assistant Fire Chief (AFC) is the second in-charge officer of the Burnet VFD.  The AFC is answerable to the Fire Chief and members of the BVFD.  The Assistant Chief is elected by vote per department guidelines and is expected to represent the members, boards and community.  The AFC shall be responsible to fulfill the Fire Chief's duties in the absence of the Fire Chief.

1.  The AFC's responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  i.    Assuring and overseeing adequate training.
 ii.    Supervision of all lower ranking officers and members.
iii.    Assisting the Fire Chief to carry out all activities to promote goals, policies and procedures, 
        leadership and continual improvement of BVFD.

2.  The AFC's duties include, but are not limited to:

  iv.   Assuring safe and proper activities on all responses.
   v.   Coordinate and oversee all training activities.
  vi.   Assigning duties to all staff personnel.
 vii.   Coordinate all equipment purchasing. 
viii.   Maintaining knowledge of all up to date fire service equipment and technology.

  ix.   Assuring proper maintenance of vehicles.
   x.   Maintain membership training needs.

H)  Captains:

1.  Captains' Responsibilities:

 i.     To ensure the station is kept in good condition.  To be notified of needed repairs to the station
        or apparatus.

ii.     To be aware of all activities and training that goes on at or with the assigned station and

2.  Duties:

iii.    To act in the command position until properly relieved by any other qualified officer.
 iv.    To assist in the planning, directing and attacking all fires or emergencies.
  v.    To secure a scene until the Fire Marshall or other agencies requested arrive.
 vi.    To lead or delegate projects deemed necessary.
vii.    All other items not listed deemed necessary by Fire Chief or agreed to by the elected officer of
        the department.

I)  Firefighter:

1.  Firefighter -- Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  i.    Answers calls for fire suppression and/or rescue within the fire district in which Burnet
        Volunteer Fire Department
 ii.    Observes all rules, regulations, operating procedures, and directives of the Burnet Volunteer
        Fire Department.
iii.    Protects all lives and property through the use of all modern fire suppression and rescue

 iv.    Assist, direct, maintain, and operate in all functional activities at the fire ground.
  v.    Document all information about fires, and personnel utilized in a fire suppression/rescue
        operation, on the required forms.

 vi.    Clean, repair and restock fire suppression/rescue vehicles after each call.  Clean areas of
        responsibility.  Perform inventories and vehicle checks as required by department policy.

vii.    Perform other tasks assigned by the officer in charge.
viii.   Must have working knowledge of city areas of responsibility, local road system and skill in the
        presentation and planning of the route to ensure a safe and expedient arrival to the fire alarm.