Burnet County Historical Commission

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Next BCHC Meeting

Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 10:15

Agri-Life Building

607 Vanderveer Street, Burnet, Texas

The public is invited to attend.


"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

...Ray Goforth

1. Call to Order – Recognize Guests

2. Update on Airy Mount complex from A. B. Walters

3. Approve Minutes of last meeting (February 2018)

4. Financial Report – paid $348.08 for registration & transportation to THC conference for Lela Goar

5. Committee/Project Reports – consolidated written reports sent in email with agenda

CLG committee mtg 9 am – Ft Croghan fundraiser

Report on THC conference in January - Lela

6. Old Business

Approve Bylaws change for new officer nomination and voting

7. New Business

a. Old Jail Tour – 3 April meeting?

b. Citizen(s) of note for 2019?

c. City Historic Board – Application sent in email with agenda

vacancy and volunteers for city/county booklet

7. Commissioners' Remarks

8. Announcements

a. Burnet Library Coffee Talks – 8 March, 1:30-3 pm; Karen Casey Fitzjerrell, author of Forgiving Effie Beck, fiction set in Texas during the Great Depression. Flyer sent by email with agenda

b. The Cedar Choppers, by Ken Roberts, to be published in March. Book signing and author talk hosted by BCGS/BCHC/Herman Brown Library, Thursday, 19 April, 1:15 pm. Book cover sent by email with agenda in Feb.

9. Museum Events

a. Falls on the Colorado

b. Ft. Croghan – Spring Break opening: 10-17 March

Iron Bridges Project


Daniel Clifton's article about the Iron Bridges


Send to
Burnet County Historical Commission
Iron Bridges Project
220 S. Pierce
Burnet TX 78611


Iron Bridges Items Still Available

"North of Joppa" Vol I by Rachel Bryson $20 + postage

Joppa Bridge T-Shirts  $15 + postage

Joppa Bridge or South Fork San Gabriel Note Cards
$2 each or 6 for $5

email for info:  burnetchc@gmail.com

Burnet County Women of Note



First State Bank of Burnet President, Cary Johnson and Judge James Oakley hold the Texas Treasure Business Award certificate that was awarded to the bank during commissioners court on 25 July 2017.  From the left:  Commissioners Russell Graeter and Jim Luther, Jr.; JoAnn Myers, Chair, BCHC; Carole Goble, who researched and submitted the nomination package; Commissioners Billy Wall and Joe Don Dockery.  A reception was held at the bank following the presentation.

See More Pictures here.

February 2017 - Jane Knapik awarded our 2016 Distinguished Service Award
with Commissioners Billy Wall, Joe Don Dockery, and Jim Luther, Jr.

Members attending January 2017 meeting, the first of the 2017-18 term.
Back Row:  Janet Crain, Joy Shirley, John Potts, Tommye Potts, Carolyn Liles, Maud Cain, Carolyn Smith, Pam Leonard, Rachel Bryson, Polly Krenek, Al Downing
Front Row:  JoAnn Myers, Chair; Jane Knapik, Ina Cooper, Lynda French, Milli Williams, Caryl Calsyn, Billie Buck
Photo by Allen Cain.

New members for the 2017-18 Term attending Commissioners Court 10 Jan
JoAnn Myers, Chair; Jane Scheidler, T. L. Henderson, Linda Dyke, Allen Cain, Cheryl Henderson, Pamela Leonard, Judy Lively

Members of the CLG Committee who planned and worked on the hugely successful Joppa Fish Fry Event,
held on September 17, 2016. 
Each received a certificate of appreciation for their dedication that led to the success of the event.
Polly Krenek, Lynda French, Carolyn Liles, Millii R. Williams, Carolyn Smith, Al Downing, Lela Goar.  JoAnn Myers, Chair.

Members attending January 2016 meeting
(double-click for larger photo)

Members attending January 2015 meeting
Seated:  JoAnn Myers, Lynda French, Darrell Debo, Hazel Gatliff
Standing:  Carolyn Smith, Carole Goble, Janet Crain, Billie Buck, Caryl Calsyn, Ann Darragh, Frank Seidensticker, Betty Cheney, Buddy Inman, Betsy Engelbrecht, Lela Goar, Jean Eades, Jane Knapik

Excerpt -- Section 2 of the
County Historical Commission Handbook

Section 2 of the handbook provides information the role and organization of CHCs, and general preservation guidance. Updated in 2010, this handbook provides the basic information necessary to build a foundation for an effective body of CHC work.  The full handbook is available at the Texas Historical Commission website:

JoAnn Myers

Chair, 2017-2018

Members of the Burnet County Historical Commission

Rachel Bryson*
Billie Buck - resigned Aug 2017
Allen Cain
Maud Cain
Caryl Calsyn
Betty Chaney
Ina Cooper - resigned Feb 2017;
passed away July 2017
Lu Cowan
Janet Crain
Dot Creasey
Ann Darragh
Darrell Debo - emeritus
Al Downing
Linda Dyke*
Jean Eades - inactive
Betsy Engelbrecht
Lynda French
Hazel Gatliff - emeritus
Lela Goar
Carole Goble
Charlie Goble - inactive
Cheryl Henderson*
T. L. Henderson*
Jane Knapik
Polly Krenek
Pamela Leonard*
Carolyn Liles
Judy Lively*
John Potts
Tommye Potts
Jane Scheidler*
Frank Seidensticker
Joy Shirley*
Carolyn Smith
Tom Stephens*
Milli Riley Williams

* = new member for 2017-18 term

2015 group receiving the Distinguished Service Award from
Texas Historical Commission.
Pictured are, left to right, Carole Goble, Judge James Oakley, Commissioner Ronnie HIbler, Chairman JoAnn Myers, Commissioner Joe Don Dockery, Caryl Calsyn, Cheryl Henderson, Tommye Dorbandt Potts, Jane Knapik, Ann Darragh, Maud Cain, Commissioner Russell Graeter, Betsy Englebrecht, and Commissioner Bill Neve.

see Daniel Clifton's story here:

Members attending the Jesse Burnam Marker Dedication Ceremony,
13 June 2015
Read about Jesse Burnam here.


* Texas Historical Commission - Information about all aspects of the preservation of Texas historical sites.

* Ft. Croghan - the official web site for the fort and museum. Contains photos, history, events, and contact information.

* Burnet County Genealogy (TXGenWeb) - this site contains cemetery transcriptions, historical information, newspaper transcriptions, historical markers with photos and much more about Burnet's history and people.

* Burnet County Historical Markers - from the TXGenWeb site

* History and Community Files - Herman Brown Free Library collection of newspaper articles, photos, maps, etc. Site contains complete inventory of each file; maintained by Burnet County Genealogical Society.

* Surname Files - Inventory of files located in the Herman Brown Free Library pertaining to specific families who have a historical connection to the county. Arranged by surname, the contents vary and may include descendant charts, obituaries, newspaper articles, photos, oral histories, etc. Maintained by the Burnet County Genealogical Society

The Craddock House

Original site...
preparing to move...

at new location...
Airy Mount

Craddock House off its lot in preparation for big move

DailyTrib.com, 6 Feb 2015