Date Day Description Rating Leader Phone/Email
Jul-6SatBiking trip to Barnston Island from King George Skytrain Station.  It will take about 50 minutes to ride to Barnston Island Ferry Terminal and then 2 hours to bike around the island.  (Note: this hike is subject to change depending on weather or trail conditions)n/aM. Yiumyiuboc@gmail.com
Jul-7Sun Norvan Falls . This is a 16km low level hike following Lynn Creek to Norvan Falls. The trail is mostly in the forest. Elevation gain is less than 200m. Hiking time is about five hours at an easy pace with lunch break.B3S. Liangsu-Jane.liang@telus.com
Jul-13 Sat Summer BBQ at Buntzen Lake starting at 1:00pm. Please bring your own meat, drinks, plate, cup, utensils, lawn chair or picnic blanket, and a dish to share (salad, fresh fruit or dessert). Barbeque will be provided. Call social coordinator, Loretta Chan at 778-227-8737, or email at lorichan@gmail.com to RSVP. Guests and former members are welcome to join the Barbeque. A walk around Buntzen Lake and a hike along Diez Vistas have been arranged for the morning. Carpooling from Burnaby City Hall available. Go to the Trip Schedule for contact information. Be sure to come early to get a parking space!n/aL. Chan778-227-8737
Jul-13 SatBuntzen Lake Trail. Meet at 8:30 at Burnaby City Hall. Hike start 9:00 am at the Buntzen Lake parking lot. This is a 10 km hike with a 100 m elevation gain.  After the hike, we will join the BOC BBQ. B2 G. Laman 604-451-8445 
Jul-13 Sat Diez Vistas. Meet at 7:30 at Burnaby City Hall. Hike start 8:00 am at the Buntzen Lake parking lot. This hike takes about 5 hours.  Distance 13 km return with 455 m.  After the elevation gain.  Good views of the Indian Arm and Buntzen Lake.  After the hike, we will join the BOC BBQ. B4 D.  Cater 604-341-2846 
Jul-14 Sun Watersprite Lake in Squamish. This trail was built by BCMC and completed in September 2016.  The length is 17 km round trip with elevation gain of 660m.  It takes about 7 hours (return).  For detailed info please visit https://bcmc.ca/m/articles/view/Watersprite-Lake  (Note: this hike is subject to change depending on weather or trail conditions) C4 M. Yiu myiuboc@gmail.com 
Jul-27  Sat Greendrop & Linderman Lakes.  Total 13km, 400 m elevation gain, return trip about 6 hours. We will pass Lindeman Lake, which is a beautiful blue-green lake in a narrow valley, on the way to Greendrop Lake which is the destination. Part of the route crosses boulder fields, so some rock-hopping/scrambling is involved.  C3 D.  Cater 604-341-2846 
Jul-28 Sun Dog Mountain and Suicide Bluffs. Suicide Bluffs trail has some minor scrambling bits and It does get into some steep (but short) climbs requiring the aid of the installed ropes. Nothing scary or dangerous, nice views and open rocky areas. Total distance 6 km and 170 m elevation gain. B2 G. Laman 604-451-8445