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High Carb Low Protein Foods

high carb low protein foods
    protein foods
  • Below is a comprehensive list of protein content in foods, organised by food group. The protein content is measured in grams of protein per 100 g of an edible portion of food, without referring to the quality of the protein.
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  • (Carbs) A carbohydrate is an organic compound with the empirical formula Cm(H2O)n, that is, consists only of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, with the last two in the 2:1 atom ratio. Carbohydrates can be viewed as hydrates of carbon, hence their name.
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high carb low protein foods - thinkThin Protein
thinkThin Protein Bar, Chunky Peanut Butter, Gluten Free, 10 - 2.1-Ounce Bars
thinkThin Protein Bar, Chunky Peanut Butter, Gluten Free, 10 - 2.1-Ounce Bars
thinkThin Protein Bar is made from high quality protein with low sugar content. It had high fiber content and its gluten free. Packed with peanuts butter and covered in rich delicious chocolate.

logoAll thinkThin® natural snack bars are based on three key nutritional principles:
No to Low Sugar • High Protein • Gluten Free

product groupthinkThin® Chunky Peanut Butter Protein Bar. This high protein bar packs the nutty flavors of chunky roasted peanut butter blended with cocoa and covered in luscious milk chocolate. With 0g sugar and no gluten, it's a guilt-free treat you can feel good about.

The thinkThin® product family consists of nutritious and convenient natural snack bars that include ten flavors of thinkThin® protein bars, a 20g protein, 0g sugar bar to satisfy the on-the-go, active lifestyle; four flavors of thinkThin® bites, a 100-calorie perfectly-portioned snack with five bars per box; and four flavors of thinkThin® crunch, a mixed nut bar that is a good source of fiber for the entire family with 70 percent percent less sugar and 80 percent more protein than leading fruit and nut bars.

think thincrunchPortable Nutrition
thinkThin® delivers deliciously natural nutrition for active people who care about what they eat. thinkThin® has created a whole new way to think about nutrition through an uncompromised focus on natural ingredients to support overall health and weight wellness for people on the go.

Weight Wellness
thinkThin® supports a broad premise of weight wellness – the optimal weight range where people feel at their most healthy and joyful. Weight wellness is the positive emotional outcome of living a healthy, balanced life with a strong belief in good energy, long life and warm laughter. thinkThin® is the No. 1 ranked weight management bar in America (SPINSscan research).

It’s all about what’s inside
thinkThin® is a healthy solution for your busy day. Whatever else the day holds in store, a thinkThin® bar will provide energy without the punishing side effects of sugar and gluten. thinkThin® protein bars can be enjoyed at breakfast before exercise to give you energy for the day, a thinkThin® bite makes a great mid-morning snack, and a thinkThin® crunch bar is perfect as a mid-afternoon treat on the way to soccer practice. All thinkThin® products are wrapped and ready to go with you wherever the day may take you – to the office, the car, the gym, the mountains or onto the couch with a good book.

thinkThin® Protein Bars
Ten flavors of delicious, high energy bars with 20g of a proprietary blend of proteins and 0g sugar to satisfy an on-the-go, active lifestyle.thinkThin® Crunch
Four flavors with 70 percent less sugar and 80 percent more protein than leading fruit and nut bars. This mixed nut bar is a good source of fiber and a healthy snack for the entire family. thinkThin® Bites
Four flavors of a 100-calorie perfectly-portioned snack with five bars per box.
protein barscrunchbites

82% (12)
chocolate frosted chocolate donuts, low-carb and healthy
chocolate frosted chocolate donuts, low-carb and healthy
July 28, 2007 - Low-carb, high-protein donuts made from Dixie Diner mix. Yummm! [Edit: I no longer eat this or any other soy-protein based food. I have learned that soy protein is very bad for the thyroid gland. I now have thyroid disease. Part of this is likely all the soy protein I used to eat. Get rid of all soy protein so you don't get thyroid disease like me!]
NutriSystem plain pancake breakfast with healthy toppings
NutriSystem plain pancake breakfast with healthy toppings
July 21, 2007 - NutriSystem pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, and sugar-free chocolate chips. The maple syrup is also sugar-free.

high carb low protein foods
high carb low protein foods
The High-Protein Cookbook: More than 150 healthy and irresistibly good low-carb dishes that can be on the table in thirty minutes or less.
End food boredom and diet burnout with more than 400 sophisticated, low-carbohydrate dinners that are bursting with flavor--and on the table in under 30 minutes!

Hundreds of thousands have embraced the low-carbohydrate lifestyle finding that a diet based on lean protein, fruits, and vegetables and less dependent on simple carbohydrates has helped them look and feel better. But a monotonous menu of steak and salad or expensive, additive-laden prepared foods has been the undoing of many a successful diet regimen.

The solution? Linda West Eckhardt and Katherine West DeFoyd have devised more than 100 protein-rich, low-carbohydrate dinners that will satisfy even the most demanding diners. Drawing on their experiences as award-winning cookbook authors, Eckhardt and DeFoyd have developed a tempting range of high-protein meals that are quick enough to make on a weeknight but elegant enough to share with guests -- and so delicious they'll never know they've been shortchanged on carbohyd rates, fat, and calories.

Each entree in The High-Protein Cookbook
* Provides at least 30 grams of protein, yet is light on fat and calories.
* Is styled for two people but can easily be doubled or tripled
* Uses short lists of fresh, healthful ingredients
* Is based on simple cooking techniques requiring no special equipment
* Avoids "artificial" products and flavorings
* Contains reasonable amounts of high-quality protein balanced by ample servings of vegetables and fruits

With chapters devoted to side dishes and salads, sauces and condiments, and even sinfully satisfying desserts that won't break the carbohydrate bank, The High-Protein Cookbook is the perfect companion to many of today's most popular dietary regimens and an enticing argument for cutting back on excess carbohydrates.

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