Parents Guide to Wrestling


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Recommendations for Parents

  • Parents should make sure that all fees are paid on time.
  • Parents must turn in all necessary forms promptly.
  • Parents must equip their wrestler properly so they can participate in all practices and matches.
  • Parents should keep abreast of all information pertinent to their wrestler’s practices and tournament schedule.
  • Parents should notify the coaches in advance when their wrestler cannot make a wrestle-off or team tournament, if their wrestler holds a team position, stating the reason. (high School middle school)
  • Parents will encourage good sportsmanship through their actions and words, by demonstrating positive support for all wrestlers, parents, coaches and officials, at every game and practice.
  • Parents will promote the emotional and physical well being of all the wrestlers, ahead of any personal desire to win, or any personal reflected glory. This includes, but is not limited to, providing support for coaches, officials, and all others to provide a positive experience.
  • Parents need to remember that the matches are for the wrestlers and not for the parents.  Win or lose, everyone appreciates the efforts of all wrestlers and coaching staff.
  • Parents will treat all other parents, wrestlers, coaches, and officials with respect, regarding attitude, language and mannerisms.
  • Parents will inform the coach of any physical or medical ailment that may affect the safety of their wrestler or any other wrestler.
  • Parents will agree to abide by the grievance procedure listed below for items of concern.
  • Parents are not allowed to physically, emotionally or psychologically abuse any other parent, wrestler, coach, or game official.
  • Parents will provide accurate information about their wrestler to staff at all tournaments.
  • Parents should get their wrestler to practices and tournaments at prescribed times.
  • Parents should be understanding and supportive of the times and number of practices and tournaments.
  • Parents should be encouraging, not critical, of their wrestler, coach and team.
  • Parents should try, as much as possible, to be available to assist in the Wrestling Program and team functions as requested.