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KEITH MORRIS is a designer, educator, organic farmer, and natural builder who facilitates healthy and healing human ecosystems.  His work combines community building, ecological restoration, integrated structures, and diverse, nutrient-dense food production into beautiful and productive whole systems. He is a Permaculture Instructor on the faculties of Sterling College, the Yestermorrow Design Build School, and the University of Vermont, and has worked for USAID Farmer to Farmer in Nigeria and Ghana.

MARK KRAWCZYK  is a permaculture designer, traditional woodworker, natural builder and landscaper who resides in Burlington, VT.  He spent four years traveling the US and UK, apprenticing with the likes of the Cob Cottage Company, Kiko Denzer, Drew Langsner, coppice forester Ben Law and the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. He maintains a small woodworking business called RivenWoodCrafts, is a member of Seven Generations Natural Builders, and is currently developing 'Keyline Vermont', a sustainable farm design/consulting business.

Burlington Permaculture is pleased to announce our third annual summer Permaculture Design Certification course at Rock Point in Burlington! Set in the most expansive natural area in the city of Burlington, hidden on the shores of Lake Champlain, and touring some of the areas most innovative farms, homesteads, nurseries, and more, this course combines wild ecology, radical urban sustainability, and hands-on design and co-creation of vibrant, wholly nourishing human landscapes.

Permaculture is an evolving and expanding system of design for ecological living: integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, communities, and the landscapes that surround us. This intensive course introduces and develops permaculture concepts and principles to help us create beautiful, sustainable, productive, and regenerative human environments using natural ecosystems as models.

This two week residential Permaculture Design Certification course goes above and beyond the standard curriculum, led by a group of some of the most experienced designers, farmers, and educators in Vermont and the Northeast. Together, we'll design and implement permaculture solutions for a multi-use community center and nature preserve, and each student will also be guided in generating a whole systems design for space of their own choosing.

We focus on permaculture as a framework for understanding and integrating the vast diversity of technologies and trends in the movement for sustainability, and advance permaculture ethics and skills as a new cultural paradigm.

Our two week intensive introduces: in-depth site analysis and assessment, mapping skills, design practice, ecological agriculture, edible forest gardening, swales. keylines, carbon-negative farming, integrated poultry and livestock systems, urban agriculture and homesteading techniques, ecoforestry, coppice management, holistic beekeeping, beneficial insect and pollinator support, plant ID, natural building techniques and skills, ecological restoration, seed saving, bioremediation, 'renter's permaculture skills', fermentation, root cellars, passive solar greenhouses, plant propagation, perennial vegetables, and more!

As we acknowledge the convergent crises of Peak Oil, Climate Change, and economic 'uncertainty', we can listen to the apocalyptic visions of 'doomers', or embrace one of the greatest opportunities in generations to restructure society with ecological and ethical sanity, and local resilience- learn how by taking part.

Overnight trips, and meals all included in the affordable tuition. Discount for Transition Town members, group registrations, and recruiting friends.  And students... three college credits available through the University of Vermont's Plant and Soil Sciences Department.

Course cost is $1150 and includes meals.  A variety of lodging options - from campsites to private suites - are available at additional cost.  For more information or a course registration form, e-mail us at burlingtonpermaculture@gmail.com or call Mark Krawczyk at 802-999-2768

This course is presented in partnership with Burlington Permaculture, Prospect Rock Permaculture, Rivenwood Crafts, Keyline Vermont, Rock Point School, The Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, The Bishop Booth Conference Center, and is Accredited by the International Permaculture Institute.