MARK KRAWCZYK    Mark Krawczyk is a permaculture designer, traditional woodworker, natural builder and landscaper who resides in Burlington, VT.  He spent four years traveling the US and UK, apprenticing with the likes of the Cob Cottage Company, Kilko Denzer, Drew Langsner, coppic forestor Ben Law, and the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute.  He maintains a small woodworking business - RivernWoodCrafts, is a member of Seven Generation Natural Builders, and is currently developing 'Keyline Vermont', a sustainable farm design/consulting business. He can be found online at: and

RAFTER T. SASS    Rafter has been active in the global justice movement for nine years as organizer, participant, and scholar.  In 2003 he received certification in Permaculture, an ecological design system, at Gaia Ecovillage in Argentina. He has been studying, practicing, and teaching grassroots ecological design since then.  He has been a student and teacher of of social project design since working with School for Designing a Society from 2004-2006.  Seeing a need for a curriculum that focuses on the underlying connections between social justice and sustainability, he has been developing and sharing the Liberation Ecology workshop since 2005.  He can be found online at    

JOHN MAECK    John Maeck is a UVM graduate and local farmer with experience in education, finance, and community development.  He is helping to create local food gardens, and is interested in asset mapping and consumer aggregation.    

KEITH MORRIS   Keith Morris is a designer, educator, organic farmer, and natural builder who facilitates healthy and healing human ecosystems.  His work combines community building, ecological restoration, integrated structures, and diverse, nutrient-dense food production into beautiful and productive whole systems. He is a Permaculture Instructor on the faculties of Sterling College, the Yestermorrow Design Build School, and the University of Vermont, and has worked for USAID Farmer to Farmer in Nigeria and Ghana.

MICHAEL BLAZEWICZ    Michael Blazewicz has worked for over a decade to address food and water security issues through research, restoration, education, and collaboration.  His integrated work includes watershed restoration, agroforestry, and spills over into energy issues where Michael has been converting cars to run on waste vegetable oil and teaching about biofuels.  Michael is a researcher, planner, permaculture designer and owner of Round River Design, LLC, and brings a holistic approach to his work.  He can be found online at

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