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Burlington Permaculture unites neighbors to promote urban agriculture and reforestation, enhance neighborhoods, and strengthen the web of community resources as we look beyond sustainability towards a healthy relationship with our landscape.  


Our vision is of a vibrant, productive Burlington in which community development promotes human interaction, food producing residential gardens and streetscapes supplant suburban lawns, and the abundance of social, educational, economic, and ecological services our community produces helps to regenerate other degraded landscapes. 


Support us and become a member of our newly developing stewardship committee. E-Mail us at burlingtonpermaculture@gmail.com

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Watch vegan chef Joshua Pfeil share his technique for making Live Fermented Hot Sauce here as well as  here.

"But the act I want to talk about is growing some, even just a little, of your own food. Rip out your lawn, if you have one, and if you don't, look into getting a plot in a community garden. Measured against the problem we face, planting a garden sounds pretty benign, I know, but in fact it's one of the most powerful things an individual can do to reduce your carbon footprint, sure, but more important, to reduce your sense of dependence and dividedness: to change the cheap-energy mind." - Rip Out Your Lawn... c/o Michael Pollan 

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 "The main stakes for humanity are not hunger, poverty, sustainability, peace, healthcare, education, economy, natural resources or a host of other issues but our capability to build new social organizations that are able to provide solutions. Our main stake is Collective Intelligence."- JF Noubel