Who We Are

The Burlington Minutemen is an American history reenacting group that represents the time frame of 1775. We take on the part of the people from that time frame era that represent our town , We also pay honor to every man that fought for our country every time we put on our uniforms. 

The Burlington Second Parish Minutemen has been formed from which it came from Woburn's Second Parish, to reenact  any battle or event of the American Revolution. Our purpose for being formed is to stimulate the interest in not only our towns American heritage of 1775 and the years before, but also those of our state and country.

We regularly participate in appropriate ceremonies, using the attire, accouterments, and the manners and manuals of the 1775 period. 

Our Next Event

On around April 19th Lexington will have there annual parade. Step off is at 2 pm. You must get your car to the end of the parade line, then to the start.

The next event that we are planning on attending is the Burlington Memorial Day celebration. This will be on Burlington Common. Flag raising at 8 am then to the cemetery at 10 am. All are welcome to join there, I will be marching with The American Legion for this event.