About Us

Since 1959, the Burlington Central Badminton Club (BCBC) has served the local community by providing a safe and fun place to play badminton.  Over the years, hundreds of players, novice to advanced, have squeaked their court shoes on our 4 wooden courts.  Some of our current and past members officiate, coach and lead intitiatives within the badminton community.  We continue to attract youth and adult members.  Members are drawn to BCBC because of our passion for the sport. 

The object of the game is to win.

The point of playing is to have fun!

Find us Wednesday nights at Brant Hills Community Centre from 8-10 pm.

2017-2018 BCBC Executive
President:  Bill Carmichael
Vice-President:  Louis Tsai
Treasurer:  Karen MacDonald
Social Coordinator:  Elena Lomovtseva