The Burlington Basketball Rep Program is a Player/Coach development program that follows the Canada Basketball LTAD model, teaches sound basketball fundamentals and participates in (regional/provincial/national/international) competitive play, focused on the goal of creating the province’s premiere skilled competitive basketball Players/Coaches (by the High School Senior Age Groups), in a structure that respects and supports the development of all the participants of Burlington Basketball and the greater Burlington Sports Community.

Open, tryouts are held for each rep team formed under Burlington Basketball.

A team of coaches oversees the tryout process ensuring all players get a fair look to best assess where the player will develop their game and skill set. Tryouts will be held on multiple days over a 3 to 4 week period in September. New, returning and former players all have an equal opportunity in making these teams. Depending on the proposed make up of a given team, the demands on a player during the selection process will vary. Although tryouts are open to everyone, players in all the programs offered by Burlington Basketball will actively be recruited to attend these open tryouts. For those players whom do not make a rep team, they will have an opportunity to play within our All Star league where they will continue to develop their skill sets.

Number of Teams: Any calendar year Burlington Basketball judges the feasibility of team’s by reviewing potential coaching candidates and players attending tryouts and players in all our Programs. Multiple teams are selected from these tryouts (if applicable) and again other teams often will be formed later in the season from AllStar and MBAB.

Rep - Practice a minimum of 2 times a week. Tournaments on select weekends, single exhibition games and Provincial Championships complete the season. The Club will guide the coaches and teams on how they are run, with advance agreement with the selected coaching team. These teams will compete at Divisions AA, A or -A levels.

Rep Elite - These Teams are our winning focused teams with positional play allowed. Practice and games are at the coach's sole discretion as is the offensive and defensive philosophy. These teams can play both AAU and OBA. These Elite teams are expected to be in top 3 Divisions of OBA competition.


U10 - Born 2004 or younger

U11 - Born 2003 or younger

U12 – Born 2002 or younger

U13 - Born 2001 or younger

U14 - Born 2000 or younger

U15 - Born 1999 or younger

U16 - Born 1998 or younger

ELITE U17 - Born 1997 or younger

ELITE U19 - Born 1995 or younger
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