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Sick Leave Bank - Members Helping Members

posted Oct 20, 2017, 8:46 AM by BEA President   [ updated Oct 20, 2017, 8:47 AM ]

Many of our newer members may not be aware of the Sick Leave Bank, its purpose or history.

The Sick Leave Bank is one way that BEA members support each other through union solidarity.  For decades, BEA members donated one day of their accrued sick leave every year to create the Sick Leave Bank, a mutual aid or insurance to protect fellow members from financial loss during times of serious illness or injury.  In cases that required an educator to be out of work in excess of a member’s accrued sick time, they could be assured that through the generosity of their fellow union members, they could focus on their recovery without worry about losing a paycheck.

Through bouts of cancer, recovery from serious accidents, and more, BEA members have supported their own through their act of solidarity.

In fact, that generosity, coupled with the good health and careful planning of BEA members, eventually resulted in enough “banked” days that we determined that we could place a moratorium on banking additional days for the time being.  Once the Sick Leave Bank falls below 1,800 days, we will once again begin the process of donating.  

Hopefully, our members will continue to be healthy and it will be a long time before we need to start adding to the Sick Leave Bank.  In the meantime, should you become ill or injured and you are unable to work for health reasons and run out of sick days, you may send a doctor’s letter and a request for sick leave days to the Superintendent who will convene the Sick Leave Bank Committee.  In order for the member to receive Sick Leave Bank days, the Sick Leave Bank Committee must approve the distribution, and approval is neither guaranteed nor open-ended.  The maximum number of days that can be granted at one time is 30 days.  If the member needs time beyond 30 school days, they can apply again at the expiration of their initial grant.

Mutual support in times of trouble, such as the Sick Leave Bank, is just one reason to be proud to be a union member.

Diana Marcus

BEA President

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