ENDORSED Republicans

State Senator Jean Stanfield (left), State Assemblyman Brandon Umba (center), and State Assemblyman Mike Torrissi (right)


State Senator - Jean Stanfield (Westampton):

As an elected official of Burlington County of over two decades, Jean exemplifies the true meaning of a qualified public servant. Having served as County Sheriff, Assemblywoman, and now as State Senator, Jean Stanfield has spent her life fighting for common-sense policies that benefits the average people of Burlington County.

State Assemblyman - Brandon Umba (Medford):

Upon meeting Brandon you will be able to see someone who has true passion for the betterment of the people. As a career public servant and administrator for various Burlington County municipalities, Brandon knows how to get into the nitty gritty of policy and political action. As an Assemblyman, Brandon is hard at work wrting legisaltion and fighting for hard-working Burlington County families.

State Assemblyman - Mike Torrissi (Hammonton):

Growing up on a farm, Mike's roots are based in the South Jersey culutural mindset we behold here in Burlington County. As a self-made businessman, Mike knows good policy and bad policy when he see's it and has fought hard to sponsor and enact legislation addressing issues facing the average New Jerseyan. Staying true to his roots and his dedication to the people, Mike has been a great advocate for New Jersey farmers and middle-class families during his time in the assembly.