Use of the Flip Camcorder

and how to upload your videos to YouTube

Prof. Burks Oakley

Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning

University of Illinois at Springfield

Follow the instructions on the Flip camcorder site to shoot the video.  Then insert the camcorder's USB connector into the USB port on your computer.  Note that the camcorder's memory contains the software needed to edit, save, and publish your digital videos, so you can use your camcorder with any computer.  When you connect the camcorder, you will be prompted to use the software on the camcorder to view the videos:

Assuming you select that option, the camcorder software will start automatically, and your new videos will be displayed:

Select the video you want by clicking on it.  This action will bring up an editing window:

Play the video, using the play button (right-facing triangle).  Slide the "Start" and "End" sliders to edit the video clip to just the section of the video you want.

When you are done editing the video, simply click on the "Save New" button to save your video to your computer:

This will bring up a dialog box, asking you where you want to save the new video:

After you have saved your videos to your computer, you can publish and of them to the Web.  Simply click on the "Share Videos" button in the lower left of the window:

This will take you to a new screen, where you can select where you want to publish your video:

If you select "Public Online Sharing", one of the choices will be YouTube.   Selecting that option will bring up a dialog box, prompting you for your YouTube login information (username & password):

After you enter this information, simply click on the "Continue" button to upload your video to YouTube.  Typical videos are very large files, so it may take a while (many minutes) to upload your video to YouTube.  When you video finally has been uploaded, you will view a screen that will let you view your video on the YouTube site:

If you go to the YouTube site (in a new browser window), you will be able to tag your new video and add a description of it, just as you would when you upload a video using the software on the YouTube website:

The YouTube site will let you go directly to the video, where you can copy the URL of the new video, such as:

You also can copy the code needed to embed the video on another webpage, such as a posting in Blackboard:

If you copy the HTML code, you can paste it directly into a posting in Blackboard, and if you are using the Smart Text option, Blackboard will recognize the HTML code and embed the video in your posting:

Or you can embed the video on any other web page that you can edit.