Parent Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Science Club!

The Burks and after-school program staff welcomes any and all Parents who wish to volunteer, allowing us to accept a greater number of students into the club. Our volunteers are asked to sign-in each day they help so that the overall volunteer hours donated to the club can be recorded. (Please click here to download and print off a volunteer sheet, or use one provided by the Burks). This information is helpful to our after-school-programs staff for a number of reasons and helps show the level of general interest in after school science programs.

It is not necessary to contact the Burks before hand if you plan on coming to a meeting or service project to volunteer. However, sending a quick email letting us know you would like to help will allow us to plan for more adults, possibly allowing us to have more elaborate activities.

Some things parent volunteers can do in each meeting are:
  • Take yearbook pictures of our activities
  • Monitor students, ensuring that all activities and experiments are done safely.
  • Help answer science related questions posed by students
  • Assist in the preparation of an activity or experiment
  • Assist in the clean-up after a meeting or activity
  • etc.
Parent Volunteers are especially welcome to join us during our service projects and fundraisers. We appreciate our students' parents' interest and dedication to science education!