Guest Speakers

Hello from the American Prep charter school's Science Club!

The APA Science Club has many goals, but one of the most important is to stoke the innate curiosity in the young minds of our students. While this may be accomplished in part by our club advisers, nothing compares to the wonder inspired by an expert ready to answer questions about who they are, what they know and what they do.

We invite and welcome experts from a wide range of fields to visit our club meetings as guest speakers. As science can be found in almost every aspect of day to day life, it is nearly impossible to find a profession or area of expertise that wouldn't be the perfect topic for a Science Club meeting. In fact, it is our hope that our students will hear from to the broadest arrays of guests possible, benefiting form the rich diversity of ideas, perspectives and experiences.

We are honored when a guest speaker can share with us a brief presentation or even simply tell a story or two. Most of all, our students love having time to ask the dozens of questions their young scientific minds always have. Whatever you chose to say or do, we most likely have the flexibility to accommodate it. Our guest speakers have the options of speaking for five minutes, for the whole meeting time, or anything in between. Our advisers are happy to fill any extra time in the meeting not taken by our guests.

The APA Science Club meets most Tuesdays (from 3:50 to 4:30) and Thursdays (from 2:50 to 4:30) in the Jr. High Science room (the ladies at the office at the entrance are happy to point the way) at the American Preparatory Academy WV1 Campus:

1255 West Crystal Ave. (2590 South)
West Valley City, Utah 84119.

Our club calendar is available if you would like to check if you we are meeting on a particular date. We will have 30 to 40 students in attendance, and have a digital projector which can be hooked up to most laptops. A digital sound system is also available for use.

If you are interested in presenting as a guest speaker in one of our upcoming meetings, please contact us with what days you would be available.

Thank you for your interest and dedication to science education!