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Also known as "Applied Science" or "Applied Mathematics," Engineering is much more than building and designing. An Engineer takes what is known from the body of knowledge which is science and seeks to use that knowledge to make the world a better place, improve lives and enhance modern technology.

Activities & Experiments:
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Soldier Transport
Gingerbread City of the Future
Frosted Rooftops
Blueprints for a Better Tomorrow
Engineering Slime
Circuit Wars
Hour of Code
Career Day for Engineers

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Computer Science / Web Design

  • Hour of Code: Anyone can learn the basics of computer science with this easy and fun tutorial!
  • Test out your HTML: Use W3 Schools' "Try it Yourself" Window to type in code and see what it creates!
  • W3 Schools: Learn how to build your own website from one of the biggest HTML, CSS and Javascript tutorial sites online!
  • HTML Color Hex Codes: See Webmonkey's collection of codes which can be used to color your website.
  • HTML Special Characters: Are you having a hard time seeing basic symbols such as !?@$" or % on your website? Try Webmonkey's list of common HTML special character codes.

At-Home Experiments