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Simply put, Biology is the study of life. As soon as chemical elements combine to create replicating complex molecules such as RNA or DNA, Biology steps in to cover the rest. From the most simple forms of early bacteria to the complex networks of redwood trees, Biology explores the relationship between living things as well as explores the mechanisms inside a living body which keep it alive.

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The Micro-World
How a Healthy Body Ticks
A Yeasty Diet
The Solar Systems' Most Wanted
Bacterial Safari
Paper Dinosaur Park

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Zoology & Animal Research
  • Utah Conservation Data Center: A comprehensive data bank of species information from various Utah governmental organizations.
  • Defenders: Study the animal fact sheets made available by this American Conservation Organization.
  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: Look through an easy-to-use Animal Fun-Facts website for kids by the ASDM.
  • A-Z Animals: An online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all your favorite animals, and even some you may have never heard of!
  • The Animal Files: An online Animal Encyclopedia created by an English teacher for students with a passion for zoology.
  • Animals Time: The primary purpose of this web site is to gather authentic animal facts especially for kids that are not only interesting but also educative and informative.
  • Nature North Magazine: Read up on exciting information from this midwestern publication on birds, amphibians, zoo animals and more!
  • BioKIDS: Learn about all kinds of animals with the use of a critter catalog, field guides and more.
  • National Geographic (Animals): View fun facts and pictures about animals around the world!
  • Nature and Park Service (Wildlife): Explore articles and reports on some of America's native plants and animals.
  • Information on Engandered Species sorted by state by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Center for Biological Diversity: Read about activism for and biographies of endangered species.

Insects and Entomology
  • Insect Identification: Do you see a bug and don't know what it is? Use this site's helpful search to identify and learn about common insects!
  • Bug Guide: Pictures, facts and discussions of insects, spiders and more from a community of naturalists.
  • Utah Pests: Read up on all sorts of Insects, both beneficial and pesky using Utah State University's fact sheets.

Cellular Biology
  • The Scale of the Universe: Enjoy a stunning interactive comparing the sizes of the smallest and largest things in the universe!
  • Tour of the Cell: An interactive tool created by the National Science Foundation.
  • HHMI BiointeractiveFree resources for science teachers and students, including animations, short films, and apps.
  • The Microbial Biorealm: Learn from Professors and students from Kenyon College and the comprehensive Microbe-Wiki about Bacteria and other microorganisms!

Paleontology / Fossil Study
  • Prehistoric-wildlifeA comprehensive online guide to prehistoric creatures.
  • Dino Dictionary: Your resource for hunting dinosaurs. With profiles of over 300 known dinosaurs, immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about the giants that roamed the earth so long ago!
  • London's NHM Dino Directory: The Natural History Museum's online guide to dinosaurs with images, facts and figures for over 300 dinosaurs.