Meet the Burks!

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said, "When you are in love, you want to tell the world!" When science has stoked your curiosity, how can you keep it to yourself? 

American Preparatory Academy's first Science Club advisers and science education activists Mr. Nicholas Burk and Mrs. Connie Burk have had a deep passion for science since childhood. In college, Mrs. Burk majored in Psychology while Mr. Burk is currently pursuing a Masters' degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Mr. Burk met Mrs. Burk at Snow College and attended her Psychology and Oceanography classes. Their courtship started them on an adventure, visiting all of the major museums and sites of scientific note in the state of Utah and beyond. Even on the day he proposed, Mr. Burk brought Mrs. Burk to the world's largest collection of mounted dinosaur skeletons in the world! They have been happily married since June 20, 2014.

In August of 2014 when the Burks returned to their positions as Instructors at the American Preparatory Academy (WV1 campus), they approached the administration about creating Science Club curriculum that the school could use to create a brand new after-school club. The Burks also volunteered to be the school's first Science Club Advisers, donating their time to testing the new club curriculum with 40 eager fifth grade, sixth grade and Jr. High students!

The Science Club was an incredible success, leading the Burks to refine their activity plans and make them available online for more schools and groups to use, bringing their love of science to the internet by creating "" and by continuing to add content every week!

Photos from a trip to the Green River, Utah area. (Top left) Mrs. Burk pointing to a young sauropod femur fossilized in the stone. (Right) Mr. Burk pointing to a sauropod scapula fossil. (Bottom left) The Burks wielding the tools for fossil hunting!